Focal Point
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Brian Tracy

Focal Point

Double your productivity to achieve your objectives

One of the secrets of successful people is the ability to find their focal point, that single important thing they can do to get the best possible results in every area of their life. In his book Focal Point, Brian Tracy encourages his readers to critically analyse their lives in seven key areas, and shows us how to develop absolute clarity on our desires in each area of our life, while helping us define objectives and targeted plans to obtain maximum personal and professional satisfaction.

Focal Point
Read in 16 min.
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Choose where to put the X: identify your focal point

Let’s imagine this scenario: a nuclear power plant has some technical problems that reduce its efficiency. Scientists and engineers cannot find the fault, so they call in a world expert on the subject. The expert arrives on site and begins to scour it, hunting for the problem, until, with a chunky black pen he marks an X on a specific point on one of the machines. Following that, the employees get to work to fix the marked area with such precision that in just a second, the system starts working again. Days later, the system manager gets a bill from the consultant for $10,000 for services provided. The manager is shocked: $10,000 just to draw an X? But when the manager complains to the consultant, he breaks down the cost for him saying: “its $1 to draw the X on that gauge, and $9,999 to know where to put it.” If we want to achieve personal and professional success, it is essential that we understand the moral of the story, to be able to know where to draw our X: the secret of successful people is that they can identify their focal point, that one thing they need to focus on, to achieve exponential results.


The key ideas of "Focal Point"

Choose where to put the X: identify your focal point
Clarity is essential: four chances to lead a focussed life
Take responsibility and reclaim your personal power
The “Grand Slam” formula to multiply productivity
The seven “R”s to simplify your life
Double your results and your free time in six steps
We become what we think: learn to live with optimism
The focal point process to plan your personal strategy
Take-home message
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