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From Nothing

How to build a successful online business

Ian Pribyl understood quickly that the internet had the potential to guarantee him the freedom he was looking for, and at just 16 years old, he started to work with online businesses. His experience gave him the knowledge to put together his book, From Nothing, an easy-reading manual that is a step by step guide to building an online business. You don’t need a lot of money: Pribyl assures us that the modest price of setting up your domain is all we need to kick start a company that we can turn into a lucrative business in time. In his book, he shares with us the tried and tested strategies and tools that have helped with his own success, as well as a knowledge of digital marketing that is required to reach the top. 

From Nothing
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Everyone wants to make money online, but how many people really manage it?

The world of online business is an extremely coveted terrain for anyone seeking their independence and looking to make easy money. However, not many people who start online businesses are able to make them profitable, even when they invest large amounts of money. We often rely on industry gurus or expensive courses to teach us what to do, but doing so is never a guarantee of producing results.

It is possible to manage your days and work commitments with an online business, as long as you fully understand the dynamics of the sector. Regardless of the type of business you are planning to start, it is important to know how internet marketing works: this is the first skill you need to develop. However, this will not be enough, because your mindset also plays a very important role. These two factors are decisive for starting and making any business thrive.


The key ideas of "From Nothing"

Everyone wants to make money online, but how many people really manage it?
How do you earn money from an online business? There are four ways
What do these four ways have in common? The Reverse Math Model
Three types of principles we need to have to make money from an online business
There are no easy solutions: to earn money online you have to work hard
Every journey begins with a first step: how much time do we need to invest in an online business?
Opening an online business: how much money do we need to start?
Choosing the perfect niche can determine the success of our business
Broad vs Narrow niches.
Our audience is willing to buy
Creating the website: choosing the domain and the hosting
Keyword search, writing content and social media
To earn an income online you should direct traffic to your site and advertise
Take-home message

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