From Suffering to Peace

Mark Coleman

From Suffering to Peace



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Mindfulness is the physical and mental state that allows you to face life by focusing on the beauty of the present, and enjoying every surprise it holds. "From Suffering to Peace: The True Promise of Mindfulness" is the perfect guide to exploring the multiple dimensions of awareness, with simple tips we can put into practice, and valuable reflections we can make our own.

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Analysis and key concepts


It is extremely difficult to define mindfulness, because this word expresses a concept rich in meaning, and each of those meanings can teach us something very precious


Being mindful means listening to your body and knowing how to respond to its needs. Unfortunately, in today’s world people’s attention is often diverted by the digital world and physical and mental well-being becomes more difficult to achieve


Meditating to connect with the body: the most effective way to do it is to ask yourself a question every day and not to ignore the important signals


Mindfulness meditation is a practice of stillness, and of great help in dealing with change, because it is a powerful tool to find peace in an ever changing world


Mindfulness teaches us to know ourselves beyond self-image and our values: meditating we can “drop” physical boundaries and experience a different awareness of our emotions


Mindfulness meditation is useful for putting the multitude of thoughts that crowd our mind on silent mode


Exercising Mindfulness means perceiving everything that happens in our surroundings, without commenting or judging it. It is the ability to embrace an experience without trying to change or control it


Mindfulness is the key to truly enjoying every second, without ending up being disappointed


There is a very fine line between happiness for other people’s success and envy: awareness teaches you to avoid damaging your liver and to enjoy happiness with your friends because mindfulness meditation frees you from being self-centred




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Face and overcome the challenges linked to change.
  • Learn to know and accept your true self.
  • Learn to be happy inside the great vortex of life.

Mark Coleman defines himself as an all-round explorer of nature, in particular of human nature. He has studied mindfulness meditation practices for thirty years and his passion is sharing the power of meditation with others; for the past twenty years he has held awareness seminars and meditation retreats on six continents. He has a master's degree in clinical psychology, and has been a meditation teacher at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center since 2000.

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