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Making the most of the new digital world to raise our game and achieve success

Futureproof presents a complete overview of the major disruptive forces of our time, those that can completely change the way we do business. To be certain that our company is ready for the future, we need to apply a certain mindset and acquire a deep understanding of the technologies that are revolutionising our world, making the most of the opportunities they present. The authors take us on a journey of discovery into the three mindsets required to face the future with the courage of our convictions and take us through twelve techniques every business owner and manager should know to successfully navigate the digital era.

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Many useful tips to:

  • Identify the major disruptive forces that have turned people’s work and home life upside down, and still continue to do so.
  • Understand that technological improvements function as such only when guided by motivation, responsibility and collaboration.
  • Harness the potential of the digital age for success, by following your own mission.

The author of the book:

Minter Dial is the founder of The Myndset Company, a boutique agency that specialises in brand and digital strategy. A professional speaker and an international consultant, he has worked for L’Oreal for 16 years. He is author and producer of the book The Last Ring Home.

Caleb Storkey is the founder and CEO of Gettr (a software development agency for artificial intelligence) and of Storkey Media (an integrated marketing agency). His clients range from multinationals to some of the most disruptive startup tech companies.


Disruption, or the force that overturns the status quo

The term disruption describes the effect that the internet and new technologies have had on all kinds of businesses. Disruptive is the force that overturns, creating an interruption in the status quo and provoking a change in what was previously considered normal. Not only does the term refer to innovation, but also to the way people think, the way they communicate and of the way others respond, forcing companies and business models to change. We are currently experiencing a sort of digital Darwinism: either you disrupt or you die. This book explores the 15 disruptive forces, the first three look at mindset and the other twelve are related to technology.


The key ideas of "Futureproof"

Disruption, or the force that overturns the status quo
The indispensable mindsets to tackle the next disruption
The twelve disruptive technologies
Take-home message

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