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Get Good With Money
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Get Good With Money

A valuable aid for learning how to manage our finances

This practical guide is aimed at helping us free ourselves of the stress of not being able to manage our financial resources to the best of our abilities. It guides us towards ‘financial wholeness’, which is the awareness of being able to manage our money both in good times, and bad. With a written and well thought-out budget, automated saving methods, and a little self-analysis, we will be able free ourselves of debt, invest in our future, and live a simpler life. What’s more, we will finally be able to get rid of such oppressive thoughts as “there’s never enough to go around”, “I can’t make it to the end of the month”, and “I’d like to, but I can’t afford it”.

Get Good With Money
Read in 20 min.
Listen in 25 min.

How to become financially whole

For many people, their relationship with money is a daily source of anxiety and disappointment, and they often find themselves saying “there’s never enough to go round”, “I can’t make ends meet”, “I’m not earning enough”, and “I can’t manage to put aside any money”.

The concept of financial wholeness promises to change this situation, and we can achieve it when every aspect related to our money management is in order and is managed to the best of our ability, whether it be earnings, expenses, or any money matters whatsoever, both present and future. The process consists of ten steps, and once we have completed them all, we will achieve financial security.  

Financial security gives us peace of mind, and this has nothing to do with the amount of money in our bank account at any given time, but with the fact that we know how to manage our money effectively in any situation, in good times and bad. The aim here is to put aside our fear of financial collapse. In short, financial security is not the same as financial independence, which allows us the luxury of not needing to work, rather it frees us of the chains and fears that prevent us from letting our money work for us, and not the other way round. 

The ten steps of the process are divided into two distinct phases. The first five allow us to create a secure and reliable economic foundation, and to automate our payment and saving processes. The remaining five steps shift the focus to making our money work for us, to building our investments, and to enhancing our future.


The key ideas of "Get Good With Money"

How to become financially whole
Our mindset is the basis for financial wholeness
How to build a budget: part one
How to build a budget: part two
Tips for the best ways to save money
Spending intelligently and payment automation are the icing on the cake
One of our first objectives is to clear all debts, and not get into any more
A good credit rating score gives us better access to money
Increasing our income boosts our savings, and our ability to invest
Saving and earning more money enables us to start investing
Other aspects of financial wholeness are insurance, net worth, and our team
We must always think about the future
Take-home message
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