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Getting Things Done

The GTD method to learn to do things well

Getting Things Done is a method developed from 30 years of experience, to increase productivity in both our personal and professional lives. It teaches us first and foremost to understand the reasons behind a problem, and then to master the technique that will help solve it. Following a sequence of five key steps, it will be easy to achieve the desired results, which as the title suggests, are to acquire the capacity to actually get things done, saving time and avoiding stress.

Getting Things Done
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Thirty years of experience pulled together in one guide

The information that follows is the result of over three decades of discovery in the field of personal and company productivity, transformed into a single guide to maximise results and minimise energy spent.

The method is based on three main activities:

  • intercepting everything that we know has to be done and organising it into a logical, reliable system outside our minds;
  • making choices so that our to do list is always up to date with subsequent actions to be taken or postponed to the most appropriate time;
  • curating and coordinating all the elements of the system, setting different levels for each commitment which we will need to make from time to time, both to ourselves and to others.

With the dawn of a new millennium, a new paradox has been established: quality of life in general has improved while at the same time people are more stressed, because they take on more than they can manage with the resources that they have available. In addition, our work itself no longer has clear boundaries: whereas in the past it used to be clear when a task was complete – ploughing the fields, building a car – today for many jobs the boundaries are blurred. For example, the information that could enrich the page of a blog, can continue to surface over time, meaning that the blog needs to be continually updated. As if that were not enough, new communication technologies have broken down all the barriers previously set between our working and professional lives: always being “connected” for many people means “never leaving the office”!


The key ideas of "Getting Things Done"

Thirty years of experience pulled together in one guide
From the overview method to a mind that is “fluid like water”
What does it mean to ‘really do’ things
The horizontal planning method
Act effectively: the 4 criteria model
Sometimes planning needs to be vertical
Take-home message

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