Learn the key ideas of the book by Rachel Hollis

Girl, Stop Apologizing

Overcome your fears to achieve your goals

Women are especially talented when it comes to underestimating their abilities and self-sabotaging their aspirations. Dreams, plans and capabilities get lost in our attempts to please others and live according to social rules that are considered final. “Girl, Stop Apologising” is not only a manifesto that invites women to take their place in the world, but also a manual to do so through useful advice and the sharing of first hand experiences.

Girl, Stop Apologizing
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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand what gets in the way of one’s aspirations as soon as they appear.
  • Avoid excuses that prevent you from being active.
  • Learn a method for planning and reaching your goals.

The author of the book:

Rachel Hollis, American author and motivational consultant, founded the Hollis Company from her lifestyle blog, that she started writing when she burned the turkey on Thanksgiving. Her companies provide services and content for people that want to improve themselves: blogs, conferences and training, all aimed at supporting personal and professional growth.


Who are we supposed to be? Overcoming fear to make our dreams come true

Whatever your dream is, stop worrying about what others think and work to make it happen. Many people, especially women, fail to reach their potential because of the fear of pursuing the goal. From childhood, most of us are not encouraged to do so: quite the opposite, as children we learn that there are things that get us the attention that we want. We learn “who we have to be” to receive gratification and we continue to behave this way to satisfy the expectations of others, instead of listening to our hopes and dreams. This is how a child who is obsessively cared for with every little illness becomes a hypochondriac in adult life.

Many of us grow up convinced that our true value is based on the role we play for other people. Is being thought of as a good wife and mother enough? If we spend our lives pleasing others we risk losing ourselves. As women, when it comes to realising our dreams we are afraid of many things, the biggest one is being judged for even having them in the first place.

In this book the author shares a way of thinking that has allowed her to achieve great things, both personally and professionally. The key points on which we should act are:

  • Letting go of the excuses
  • Adopting new habits and behaviours
  • Acquiring the necessary skills.

Let’s look closely at the most common justifications and above all, why we should not give them any power.


The key ideas of "Girl, Stop Apologizing"

Who are we supposed to be? Overcoming fear to make our dreams come true
The model of a perfect woman does not exist
Manage your time to achieve the goals you have set for yourself
Low self-esteem and self-sabotage
Change is possible, if you know how: start with a specific goal
Take-home message

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