HCE la scienza delle interazioni umane

Paolo Borzacchiello, Luca Mazzilli

HCE la scienza delle interazioni umane



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HCE la scienza delle interazioni umane (The Science of Human Interaction) explains the Science that studies the interactions between people. Written as a manual, with many exercises and explanatory models, it aims to be a guide to the vast subject of human interaction. The objective of the HCE model is to help people learn to interact with more awareness. By studying the five intelligences (strategic, behavioural, environmental, linguistic and emotional) and applying them to a scientific method (Decode, Profile, Influence) for the gathering of information, we can learn how to successfully manage many different types of negotiation. Not only that, the HCE model is a powerful tool for perfecting our communication skills and helping us to improve our interactions with our fellow human beings.

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Analysis and key concepts


Communicating and interacting are two different things. What does the HCE model suggest with regard to human interactions?


The HCE Model and the subdivision of the five intelligences


Examples to define our reality through Priming and Framing


The ability to observe is at the heart of every interaction


From observation to a structured process: how human interaction develops


Practical examples of Decode-Profile-Influence


Everything that surrounds us communicates something: our environment, a look, colours, a tone of voice…. And each of these factors is part of HCE analysis




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Many useful tips to:

  • Shed some light on the dynamics involved in human interaction.
  • Understand the difference between intelligent, emotional, environmental and behavioural linguistics.
  • Fine tune our ability to observe, in order to help improve our communication skills.
  • Learn a few negotiation techniques by applying the HCE model.

Paolo Borzacchiello is an Italian writer, consultant and entrepreneur. He has published essays on the power of language and several best-selling books including The Magic Word, The Secret Code and The Super Sense. All his works have been summarised in HCE or Human Connections Engineering theory, the science that studies how humans interact with each other. The science of HCE is able to apply its legitimate scientifically proven theory to predict the outcome of any human interaction.

Luca Mazzilli is a successful entrepreneur who helped to set up about 50 companies at a very young age. Today, he is a strategic consultant for several national and international companies. Pursuing his interest in the world of communication, Mazzilli conducted extensive studies into cognitive behavioural neuroscience, with particular focus on decision-making processes and non-verbal communication, and after teaming up with Paolo Borzacchiello, he laid the foundations for the theory of HCE.

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