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High Performance Habits

Habits to achieve excellence and become successful

Why is it that some people manage to succeed faster than others, and maintain their success long term? Why do so many talented men and women reach a plateau in their lives and get stuck there for years or even for the rest of their lives? Is there any way to improve your skills and make sure you maintain that high standard long term? The answer, according to Brendon Burchard, lies in 6 habits that involve working on clarity, energy, influence, productivity, necessity and courage. High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become that Way is the result of decades of experience coaching athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students, and provides an effective, proven method for achieving and maintaining very high levels of performance.

High Performance Habits
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High performance: doing better than everyone else, all the time, through a system of habits

High performers can be found in every area of expertise, profession and sport. From classrooms to big companies, and stadiums full of fans, there are certain individuals who stand out for their ability to accomplish a task better than others, and who consistently maintain the same standard over time. It is a common belief that men and women with these characteristics have something innate, some kind of natural talent that allows them to set themselves apart from their colleagues and teammates, and reach higher levels of performance.

In fact, there is no such thing as natural talent. These people are no more gifted or luckier than anyone else, but they do have a different approach to the areas in which they excel. In fact, systems are what separate amateurs from professionals: to be extraordinary you need to have the right mindset, and develop a series of habits that lead to success and allow you to stay there. There are six habits, the first three work on a personal level and are clarity, energy, and necessity; the others work on a social one, and are productivity, influence, and courage.

The difficulty lies in the fact that these six habits are not innate, and do not become automatic despite repeated practice, but require awareness and willpower day after day. Since these traits are common to individuals who achieve great results, as demonstrated by research conducted on leaders, professional athletes, and other high performers, we know that implementing them in daily life opens the doors to personal and professional success and fulfillment.


The key ideas of "High Performance Habits"

High performance: doing better than everyone else, all the time, through a system of habits
Habit one: be clear about who you are, and what desires and values are important to you
Creating an image of your future self helps to achieve your objectives
Habit two: manage your energy levels by taking breaks and try to nurture positive emotions
Taking care of your physical wellbeing helps improve your overall performance
Habit three: a sense of necessity which leads to action
Habit four: increase productivity
To maintain high levels of performance you need to create quality, have a plan, and master the key skills
Habit five: leaders and high performers develop their influence by making other people feel involved in any given project
Habit six: courage is the most important characteristic of extraordinary people
Learning to be brave means honouring the battle, sharing ambitions and finding someone to fight for
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