How Brands Grow
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Byron Sharp

How Brands Grow

Effective strategies to make your brand grow

How Brands Grow explains and demonstrates how marketing cannot continue to be based on outdated ideas that no longer resonate in the real world. After decades of research and analysis of consumer buying behaviour, Sharp and his colleagues present a series of laws that determine how a brand actually grows, thereby enabling us to put marketing strategies in place which are longer random, relying on good luck, but which take into account  purchasing patterns that repeat themselves and that can therefore be considered predictable.

How Brands Grow
Read in 13 min.
Listen in 17 min.

Stop basing marketing on false beliefs and start to think of it as a science

Most marketers base their strategies on accepted ideas, for which there is no real evidence to demonstrate their efficacy.

Even though it might seem strange to put marketing in with the sciences, we do need to apply serious thought to all those false beliefs circulating among the brand marketing insiders and replace them with real information about what actually works.

In the same way that an architect is an artist but cannot work without knowing the laws of physics to ensure that his designs “stay up”, so must a marketer recognise the scientific nature of his work. Simply put, a marketer cannot afford to apply random strategies without knowing what return he will have on them. On the contrary, he must first of all be aware that marketing, like any other science, is based on repeating patterns. By virtue of this fact, the results of the strategies that marketers choose to implement, can and must be predictable.


The key ideas of "How Brands Grow"

Stop basing marketing on false beliefs and start to think of it as a science
Resize the concept of customer loyalty
Increasing your client base instead of just concentrating on existing clients
Occasional clients are an important market segment
Debunking the customer segmentation myth and trying to sell to everyone
The important thing is not to differentiate yourself from other brands but to be able to stand out in the crowd
The real role of advertising: reminding people that we exist
Promotional offers are not a profitable long-term strategy
Physical and mental availability: We sell more when we make our product more available
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