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Guy Raz

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How I Built This is an interesting journey into the business world, looking at it through a series of personal narratives. In his book, Guy Raz reconstructs the most poignant moments of the hero's journey as applied to the business world. In fact, the title shares its name with a successful podcast in which Raz has interviewed many entrepreneurs, some of whom now feature in this book, inviting them to tell the tales of the challenges, pitfalls, and strokes of luck they experienced before they finally made it. A story told, in the form of an interview, by the protagonist himself,  has the extraordinary power of inspiring the listener. In his book, How I Built This, Raz has selected some of the more significant stories to help anyone struggling with, or about to embark on, their own entrepreneurial journey, in order to be able to choose the right direction. More than this, he helps them realise that they are not alone, and that other people have already survived through similar situations. He shows them that there is always a way.

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Analysis and key concepts


The theory of “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell as applied to the business world


Everything begins with an initial spark, or an idea that persuades and which we need to cultivate


Managing the challenges or the crises that come up when you have already set out on your journey


The difficulty of scaling a company and the courage to turn back


One of the secrets to success is to be kind




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Discover the journey of many entrepreneur business founders.
  • Offer inspiration to anyone looking to start their own podcast.
  • Help understand that highs and lows are a part of any type of business.
  • Inspire dreamers with great ambitions and not much experience, who want to make the world a better place.

Guy Raz worked for years in the field as a war correspondent. His work helped him realise that the most fascinating stories are those that tell the tale of a journey, so having interviewed thousands of people, he decided to start his own podcast called How I Built This. This was in 2016, and his podcast was hugely successful, so much so, that it generated millions of dollars in profit and had a following of 19 million listeners a month. As the creator of other podcasts on Spotify, such as Wow in the World, Wisdom From The Top and The Rewind, he has won a number of prestigious awards. He currently lives in the United States.

Publishing house:

Pan MacMillan