How Not To Die

Michael Greger

How Not To Die



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How not to Die takes us on an interesting and heart-felt journey into the world of health and nutrition. According to Doctor Gregor, making the right food choices can help us prevent and even cure some chronic illnesses. The best diet for our health is one that involves a daily intake of fruit and vegetables, as well as berries, seeds, dried fruit, and spices. When food is highly processed, it is stripped of essential nutrients which are replaced by enticing flavours and preservatives. By making the right changes to our diet, we could all live a happy, healthy life without illness. Doctor Greger’s aim is to inform and encourage people to make the necessary changes to their eating habits and above all, to take the approach that prevention is better than a cure.

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Analysis and key concepts


Good health is important to everyone, but the extraordinary thing is knowing that there are things we ourselves can do to influence it


Many chronic illnesses can end in death if they are not treated appropriately, but we can actually turn back the clock on these illnesses by following a healthy diet


Plant-based and unprocessed foods have the biggest impacts on our health


The traffic light system used by Greger to establish what foods to favour, which to limit, and which to cut out of our diet altogether is an effective way to help balance our intake of nutrients


The second system that Greger introduced involved a check-list with 12 key nutrients


We are all responsible for our own health




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Many useful tips to:

  • Discover the origin of Dr Michael Gregor’s approach and his mission as a doctor.
  • Take a closer look at the relationship between chronic illness and nutrition.
  • Understand what foods to eat to live a healthier, longer life.

Michael Greger is an American physician, author and professional speaker on public health issues. He has written several bestselling books on nutrition, and is also the founder of, a website that provides quality content on this subject. Through his articles and videos, Greger shares the latest discoveries linked to nutrition to raise people’s awareness about the importance of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. As well as being actively involved in numerous industry congresses, he is also the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society in the United States.

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