How To Do The Work

Nicole LePera

How To Do The Work



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All the negative events we experience affect our physical and mental health. Childhood traumas cause wounds, which impact our social behaviour and relationships as adults, but these cycles can be recognised and broken by connecting with our inner child, and healing our traumas. In How To Do The Work, psychologist Nicole LePera, founder of Holistic Psychology, describes the processes that regulate these mechanisms, and explains how to become Self-healers, in order to connect with our authentic Self, and recover.

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Analysis and key concepts


How to use the integrated approach of Holistic Psychology, in order to heal past wounds, interrupt negative patterns, and gain awareness


The archetypes of childhood trauma: identifying childhood wounds and suppressed emotions allows us to heal


Redefining trauma so we can heal our childhood wounds, which cause issues in relationships, as well as physical problems


Trauma and stress prevent the body from functioning properly: to heal, we need to take care of our intestinal well-being, and get a good night's sleep


Our deep-seated beliefs influence the world around us through bias: having negative thoughts leads to negative perceptions


Our relationship with our parents determines the social patterns we develop as adults. To heal, we must connect with our inner child


Our ego is formed during childhood; it feeds on our thoughts and beliefs that come from our parental figures and environment, and it keeps us tied to the narrative we have of ourselves, in order to protect our inner child


Trauma bonds are unhealthy relationship patterns, which are not based on love or affection, but on dependency, and do not allow us to express our authentic Self.


If we do not have boundaries as children, we will struggle to establish them as adults: expressing our own opinions, emotions and realities in childhood is fundamental to developing our authentic Self


Becoming the parent we needed as children: reparenting helps heal the wounds of childhood trauma


We can achieve emotional maturity by rediscovering our emotions, and allowing ourselves, and other people, to express them




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Many useful tips to:

  • Learn about the holistic psychological approach to health.
  • Reconnect with our inner child.
  • Heal childhood trauma, so we can let go of unhealthy behaviour, and free ourselves of emotional dependency.

Nicole LePera is a clinical psychologist. She attended Cornell University, and the New School of Social Research, before setting up her own practice as a therapist. Through her interactions with patients, and by working on herself, she developed a new approach called holistic psychology, which integrates the well-being of the body and mind. On her personal website, and Instagram account (@the.holistic.psychologist), she shares advice with her community of Self Healers, helping people to find themselves, heal past traumas, and live a full life.

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