How to Get Rich

Felix Dennis

How to Get Rich



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In his mix of writing style, between autobiography and manual, Felix Dennis’ How to Get Rich walks the reader through the winding road to becoming wealthy. He uses simple language to tell the story of his own path to success, starting with his first publishing company. Moreover, Dennis doesn’t stop there: he offers some practical tips and advice for anyone who is ready to undertake their own journey, wishing them success, and reminding them to reflect on their own abilities and intentions for doing so. He teaches the reader to think big, and to embark on ambitious projects, breaking them up into smaller steps to help achieve them. The reader is encouraged to take action because a big idea will remain just that unless we are prepared to get to work and to turn it into reality.

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Analysis and key concepts


Many people dream of getting rich, but very few of them actually make it


There are a few common mistakes people make that reduce their chances of making it big


Having a great idea is an excellent place to start but it is not the ultimate solution to getting rich


Getting rich involves a series of personal qualities and attitudes


The 8 secrets to get rich according to Felix Dennis




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Many useful tips to:

  • Discover the story of Felix Dennis, and his journey to becoming a millionaire.
  • Offer advice to anyone who dreams of the millionaire lifestyle and wants to embark on their own journey to getting rich.
  • Immediately identify the mistakes to avoid if you are hoping to get rich.

Felix Dennis was an English publisher and poet (b.1947 - d.2014). His company, Dennis Publishing, was first established in the UK market, and then in the USA. Having become rich, he was able to devote himself to his passion: poetry. He published three best-selling poetry books, which were adapted for theatre and performed on both sides of the Atlantic by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Dennis also set up an ambitious tree-planting project called the Heart of England Forest, his vision being to bring back trees to the local landscape with a native forest to be enjoyed by both animals and humans alike.

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