How to Get Rich
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How to Get Rich

The road to riches, from hopes and dreams to fears and strengths

In his mix of writing style, between autobiography and manual, Felix Dennis’ How to Get Rich walks the reader through the winding road to becoming wealthy. He uses simple language to tell the story of his own path to success, starting with his first publishing company. Moreover, Dennis doesn’t stop there: he offers some practical tips and advice for anyone who is ready to undertake their own journey, wishing them success, and reminding them to reflect on their own abilities and intentions for doing so. He teaches the reader to think big, and to embark on ambitious projects, breaking them up into smaller steps to help achieve them. The reader is encouraged to take action because a big idea will remain just that unless we are prepared to get to work and to turn it into reality.

How to Get Rich
Read in 13 min.
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Many people dream of getting rich, but very few of them actually make it

Being rich is a highly coveted status. Who hasn't dreamt, at least once in their life, of having such a bountiful flow of cash that they can be free to satisfy any kind of whim?

Yet, when we catch ourselves fantasising about it, we imagine that we are already rich, and that we have already achieved this monumental goal.

Reality is very different from imagination, and getting rich can prove to be the most impossible accomplishment in the world.

When it comes to getting rich, there is no perfect recipe, and finding the secret ingredient is a kind of challenge, equal to the search for the Holy Grail. In fact, we are all different, and each person’s journey to wealth will depend on the individual. So, while it is not possible to lay down a set of rules that are 100% guaranteed to work for everyone, there are some recurring variables that can be identified, and which can increase our chances of getting rich.

In his book, therefore, Felix Dennis does not claim to provide a definitive list of things we all should do to guarantee we become wealthy, but brings together some practical advice and useful suggestions to help us start giving it some serious thought. What we must understand is that having the right attitude towards money is very important, because it represents power and is in itself an aphrodisiac that can enslave us all. According to Dennis, those who aim to be wealthy should think about the journey and not the goal, or rather the action of "making money" rather than the money itself.

Dennis reveals he has 5 homes around the world, 3 estates, luxury cars, and the ability to charter a private jet whenever he needs one. He also says he is a lover of fine art and ancient books; he is a collector of first editions, has bronze statues in his garden, and enjoys fine wine.

Dennis also confesses that he is in debt, as a way to lower his declared income, and reduce taxes.

Of course, luck has its part to play, but for those who genuinely want to become rich, there is a lot of work involved, and there are many sacrifices to be made. It requires extensive work on oneself, to understand your truest intentions, nurture your self-awareness, and stimulate self-esteem.

The only way to win is to be truly dedicated and stay focussed. If you cannot manage to do this, your chances of succeeding will be very slim. The only real ‘secret’, if you want to call it that, lies in taking action.

There is simply no point in waiting for the right inspiration or for the right moment, the author even says that doing so is counterproductive. You must get to work on your idea as soon as possible if you are going to transform it into an actual project: becoming a millionaire is almost impossible, but occasionally, someone does succeed.


The key ideas of "How to Get Rich"

Many people dream of getting rich, but very few of them actually make it
There are a few common mistakes people make that reduce their chances of making it big
Having a great idea is an excellent place to start but it is not the ultimate solution to getting rich
Getting rich involves a series of personal qualities and attitudes
The 8 secrets to get rich according to Felix Dennis
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