How To Think Like David Bowie

Jonathan Tindale

How To Think Like David Bowie



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David Bowie was a rock star, actor, style icon, artist, entrepreneur, father, friend, idol for creative people and free thinkers, and one of the most successful musicians the world has ever known. Bowie was a deeply creative soul, but creativity is not reserved exclusively for artists, or for a lucky few. How To Think Like David Bowie offers an entertaining insight into the habits, techniques, and personal traits that Bowie cultivated, in order to shake up conventions and unleash his creativity. Studying his creative process allows us to enrich our personal and professional lives, and find our own ‘inner Bowie’, so that we too can become a brighter, bolder version of ourselves.

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Analysis and key concepts


We often think that artists have innate qualities, which set them apart from everyone else, but this is not entirely true: we all have the power to develop our creativity and talents


We need to nurture our creativity, and be open to new ideas


Repeated failure is part of the process and a learning experience


Innovation is almost never about coming up with new ideas, but relies on developing an existing idea in a different way


Bowie told his stories through universal truths, which he captured thanks to his ability to find a balance between his overall vision and attention to detail


Collaboration based on trust is crucial for creativity




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Discover how David Bowie cultivated his creative and innovative skills.
  • Learn more about Bowie’s work process and his techniques for developing creative thinking.
  • Realise that creativity is not an innate talent that is reserved exclusively for artists, and that we all have the power to develop our own creativity.

Jonathan Tindale was born in England, where he works as a digital specialist for the government. In addition to How To Think Like David Bowie, he has also written Squashed Possums: Off the Beaten Track in New Zealand, which was a finalist for the Travel Non-Fiction Award in the 2016 Readers’ Favourite, and Daddy Day Care: a Book for New Dads and Curious Mums, winner in the non-fiction category of the Wishing Shelf Book Awards in 2018.

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