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Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter

50 Cent's lessons for success

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is a world-famous rapper and entrepreneur. In his book, Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter, he describes his nine key “lessons” for achieving success, whether on the streets or in business. He combines stories of his often-tragic personal experiences with tales of the big names in the music industry and beyond, proving that what he has learnt in his life and career can be applied to any situation. In Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter, Jackson shares the strategies that helped make him into the inimitable artist known as 50 Cent, so that you too can confidently chase your dreams.

Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter
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It's not about turning into 50 Cent, but taking examples from Curtis Jackson to help us change something in our lives

As 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson has always been comfortable with publicly sharing his successes, but privately he is well aware that in spite of his achievements, his life still isn’t quite "right". He knows he has failed as many times as he has succeeded. The goal here is not just to be successful, but to learn how to sustain that success without crumbling under the huge pressure that comes with it.

Jackson has been asked to write a self-help book many times over the years, but only accepted once he felt he was truly ready, and able to share valuable strategies that can help all kinds of people.

This is not an instruction manual on how to become 50 Cent: this persona is only one facet of Curtis Jackson in ‘real’ life, and if this were all there was to him, he almost certainly would never have been able to maintain the success he has achieved. 

The streets and the business world are not so different for someone who, like Jackson, having grown up in the ‘projects’, has then gone on to make it big, and across various industries: neither the streets nor the business world play fair, and both are ultra-competitive. We need to be fearless, because refusing to become comfortable with fear gives us an advantage in almost any situation. We need to cultivate the heart of a hustler, remembering that we don't necessarily need a certain goal in life, and that hustling is a motor that keeps running, fuelled by passion, that will take us anywhere we want to go. We need to be able to count on a tight-knit crew, and know that we are only as strong as the weakest person on our team. We need to know our value, because it allows us to bet on ourselves, and win. We need to remember the importance of evolving and changing as individuals. We need to be able to shape the perception people have of us, in order to achieve the success we want, while never being afraid to compete with our rivals, and learning from our mistakes. There is no point complaining about our losses, the main thing is to learn from them. It is also imperative that we avoid the entitlement trap: nobody owes us anything, just as we don't owe anything to anyone else, and once we accept this, we lay the ground for opportunities to start opening up for us.


The key ideas of "Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter"

It's not about turning into 50 Cent, but taking examples from Curtis Jackson to help us change something in our lives
Becoming fearless doesn't mean living on the edge, but facing our own limits
Prioritising a clean lifestyle and listening to our instincts are imperative if we want to follow our passions and make our dreams come true
To be able to count on other people, we need to build our crew and learn to motivate the people in it
Knowing our worth is critical, as is getting up and making things happen, without waiting for permission
We should never think we're the most intelligent person in the room: true value is in the kind of confrontation that leads to growth, both as entrepreneurs and as people
Nobody can ever be a better version of us, if we own our truth
We can't allow someone else's disapproval to undermine our own success
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