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I Am Worth More

Understand your value and unlock your potential

I Am Worth More analyses how to increase self-esteem in order to unlock the potential within us. In the end, every success story, every sale, every investment and every partnership begins with trust in oneself and in one's abilities. This book is a guide on discovering and respecting those capabilities and talents that are unique to each of us, without making comparisons or copying anyone else. It is a guide on how to find out who we already are while still not having yet learned to like ourselves or to believe in ourselves.

I Am Worth More
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Many useful tips to:

  • Help anyone who feels lost, is suffering from low self-esteem, gets discouraged by every mistake they make and feels that they are not good enough, but wants to create a better life for themselves and for those around them.
  • Learn not to feel alone, lost and lacking in any kind of skill.
  • Gain a balanced view of success, realisation and self-esteem.

The author of the book:

Rob Moore is an author, a public speaker and a property investor. He is the cofounder of the Progressive group of companies, which includes Progressive Education, Progressive Lets, Progressive Property Network and Progressive Portfolio builder. Progressive Property is a company that teaches novices in the British property market, publishing articles, blogs, videos and newsletters. In addition, Moore is co-author of My 44 Most Closely Guarded Secrets, Make Cash in a Property Market Crash, Progressive in Property: From Beginners to Winners. He has also written Multiple Streams of Property Income and Life Leverage: How to Get More Done in Less Time, Outsource Everything and Create Your Ideal Mobile Lifestyle.


Reality and self-esteem are not fixed but flexible, it is up to us to create them by giving meaning to an experience or an event

We often convince ourselves that our vision of reality represents reality itself, in its only possible version, but that is not the case. What we call reality is only our perception of it, transformed into a personalised version, so we can say that reality is not fixed, it is in fact flexible. The same applies to our level of self-esteem, it is created by us. We assign meaning to events in our lives that often harm our perception of ourselves and our self-esteem much more than they actually should. This book teaches us to see the true impact that events can have on our self-esteem and how to change the meaning that we give them, instantly shifting our reality and we learn how to give a more realistic and balanced meaning to events before they can do us any harm.


The key ideas of "I Am Worth More"

Reality and self-esteem are not fixed but flexible, it is up to us to create them by giving meaning to an experience or an event
How to assess ourselves and other aspects which can negatively impact on our self-esteem
How to deal with judgement from other people
Things to do to increase self-esteem
How to control your emotions
How self-esteem can lead to success
Take-home message

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