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Ignore Everybody
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Ignore Everybody

Learn to listen to your own voice and think creatively

Ignore Everybody is a short book full of tips on how to master the various aspects of creativity. It began with a successful blog, and invites people to listen to their own, unique creativity. MacLeod walks the reader through his career and creative process in 40 personal insights into the link between art and life. In his own, unique style, he explains the many obstacles that can stand in the way of creativity. Fear of judgement can, in fact, hold us back, and people’s innate tendency to criticise ideas can leave us feeling hurt. MacLeod’s 40 tips are an invitation to keep going, they encourage creatives to embrace their art in its entirety by accepting all its nuances. To win, you have to Ignore Everybody, and only listen to your own voice.

Ignore Everybody
Read in 12 min.
Listen in 15 min.

Hugh MacLeod: when success comes along by chance

Hugh MacLeod’s story is interesting not least because it confirms that dreams really can come true. MacLeod wanted to work in the creative field, so he headed for New York City as soon as he graduated from college. It was 1997. He was supposed to spend just a few weeks in town working for a company on a copywriting project, but ended up staying when they offered him a full-time job as a copywriter. While he was working hard for little money, MacLeod dreamed of living in a big, beautiful apartment and having a well-paid job that got him invited to the city’s most exclusive parties. During his breaks from work, he would sit in a local bar and draw cartoons on the back of business cards for fun. He always had them in his pocket, so would pull one out and draw on it whenever he felt inspired. Since his drawings told the story of his life in New York, his hopes, and dreams, and some of his innermost thoughts, he began to publish them online. This is how his brilliant and creative career began. His work was original, had a clear message, and told the tale of his unique journey to success.

Every work of art must be recognisable, with its own voice and style, and its own unique identity.


The key ideas of "Ignore Everybody"

Hugh MacLeod: when success comes along by chance
You must be ready to open the door to success when it comes knocking
People will get in the way of your success: learn to ignore them
The importance of spending time on your projects
Don’t wait for others to come to you. Remember: if you build it, they will come
Art has the power to transform work
Take-home message
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