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Improve Your Virtual Meetings

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The way we work has drastically changed over the last few years, particularly in 2020, when working from home became part of the new normal, and face to face meetings became so very rare. Improve Your Virtual Meetings explains the importance of knowing how to master the art of remote communication and how we can perfect it. Video conferences no longer represent a mere add-on communication tool in the conference room, they have become essential resources for consultants, employees of multinationals, managers, digital nomads, teachers and professional speakers. John Arthur’s book reveals the secrets to effectively managing online meetings, which can help us to cultivate good working partnerships, and build solid, reliable relationships that will stand the test of time.

Improve Your Virtual Meetings
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The way we work has changed, internet is faster than ever, and the number of freelancers has skyrocketed: all this makes virtual interaction indispensable

Virtual meetings were already part of many people’s working lives before 2020, but since then, they have become the normal way to interact in a work setting. Phone calls, conference calls and video conferences are some of the many ways to manage communication and carry out professional collaborations; it is important to know how to use these methods ably and with a certain ease, if we want to be as productive as possible and maintain good relations.

The use of these tools has massively increased over the last two years, and certainly made a big impact in 2020, as a result of the Coronavirus, which forced many working people to completely review their approach to communication. The way we work is forever changed, and the places we work might never be the same again; so knowing how to communicate effectively in virtual environments is becoming more important as each day goes by. Companies rely more heavily on technology, both as a tool used to facilitate professional collaboration, and as a way to bring people together. The internet has become much faster over the years, and bandwidth is wider than ever, facilitating the transmission of large amounts of data and the connection of large numbers of people. Furthermore, we have seen a large increase in freelance workers and digital nomads, who have become an important part of our economy. For these professionals, virtual meetings are an essential resource that enable them to save time and money, and to stay in constant contact with the company they are working with. Virtual meetings have an advantage over those in which we are required to be physically present, which is that they can be organised with very short notice; and that is a great benefit in today’s fast paced world.

With this in mind, it is easy to understand that video and conference calls are no longer optional resources; they have become a necessity that we cannot do without, and an essential tool that we need to learn to get to grips with, to then master and use in as professional a way as possible. As our daily environments become more virtual and decentralised, these various means of remote communication have proved to be an essential asset to both companies and employees.


The key ideas of "Improve Your Virtual Meetings"

The way we work has changed, internet is faster than ever, and the number of freelancers has skyrocketed: all this makes virtual interaction indispensable
Remote working offers many advantages, it enables us to save time and money and guarantees greater productivity
If a leader wants to make virtual communication work well, they need to build a company culture that supports and encourages it
Working from home can be more productive, as long as we respect certain rules
To manage a conference call professionally, we need a set space, a plan, common sense and a clear voice
Videoconferences require decent technology, good lighting and making sure you look the part
To improve our communication at a distance we need to practice, be prepared and train our voices
Conference calls are tiring, but there is a solution
Being well equipped is important to be professional and effective
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