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In Tune with the Infinite

How to be in harmony with one’s own spirit

Ralph Waldo Trine is considered a pioneer of the New Thought Movement and his most celebrated book, In Tune With The Infinite, is a sort of guide to this doctrine. Man is considered part of the Flow of Life and Infinite Power that emanates from God and that permeates every living being, but also every thought and every action. Thus, following laws such as that of prosperity and attraction, man is able to open himself to the divine within, and manifest it with fullness of peace, power and abundance. All these things are already present in the spirit, mind and body, but are rejected by negative, self-victimising and surrendering behaviours. The law of prosperity allows you to attract positive things into your life with positive thoughts, and obtain the full powers of a human deity: a human being open to light and harmony, in which the surprising Infinite Spirit of your God is manifested.

In Tune with the Infinite
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Many useful tips to:

  • Become aware of the supreme consciousness of your life.
  • Reach your full potential.
  • Attract the positive into your life and repel the negative.
  • Become a saviour of the world and other people.
  • Reach a state of harmony with the Infinite Spirit.

The author of the book:

Ralph Waldo Trine was born in 1866 and, until his death in 1958, he was a well-known American philosopher, mystic, teacher and author. In Tune With the Infinite is perhaps one of his most famous books, in which the author reveals himself to be a pioneer of the complex ideology known today as the New Thought movement. His doctrine is of harmony and peace with the Infinite Spirit of Life, a new way to live in communion with God, which is more peaceful than the Catholic one. For Trine, the fullness of life can be reached with the awareness of one’s own Godliness, of being without limits and recognising that we are capable of anything. The book is said to have been a favourite of entrepreneur Henry Ford when it was first published.


Thought is a true strength which can be powerful and transformative

The main problem with philosophy, in the early ‘900’s, was its desire to maintain a theoretical and abstract position, which was not very applicable to daily life. The fulcrum of the New Thought movement, to which Ralph Waldo Trine dedicated his life, through both his philosophy and his books, lies in recognising the power of thought. Thought is not an abstract entity, but a true and solid life-creating force, a link to the Infinite Spirit of Life that unites and enables everything.

And in turn, the Infinite Spirit is none other than God, called by a different name in every religion, and by every philosophy, yet always and forever present in every human and terrestrial life. The fullness of peace, power and abundance cannot be reached if not through the direct link to one’s own thoughts, the Infinite Spirit and God. Since man is an emanation of the Infinite Spirit, he can do everything according to the laws of prosperity and attraction.

This is how the optimist and the pessimist are both right. The former is right because by thinking harmonious and peaceful thoughts, he attracts harmony and peace. And the latter is right because, by distancing himself from the Spirit of Life and the Power of the Infinite, he attracts everything which is far from harmony and peace. Harmony is described as a water basin: the optimist leaves the gates open which connect the basin to its source, and so he creates an environment full of water, of life, of natural harmony, which is welcoming to other beings. The pessimist closes the gates, closes his own thinking to the divine flow, and so creates an arid, sterile environment in which life cannot prosper.


The key ideas of "In Tune with the Infinite"

Thought is a true strength which can be powerful and transformative
Will and the strength that transforms men into ‘God-men’
The fullness of the spiritual life does not allow diseases of the body
The Spirit of Infinite Love is realised only if it is inclusive
Infinite wisdom is illuminated by harmony
Perfect peace can be reached with the law of attraction: like attracts like
Only by being ourselves can we reach our full potential: the fullness of peace, power and abundance
The law of prosperity says that before obtaining something, you need to think it is already yours, to attract it to you
Every man is a Saviour of the world and his fellow men
The only possible religion is the universal one
Do not look for higher wealth outside yourself: it is already inside us
Choosing every day to live in harmony brings us to the Infinite Spirit
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