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How to avoid distraction and be productive

We can get distracted to quieten our sense of discomfort, to overcome boredom or to fill the void from having no clear goals. We get distracted because we are impulsive and not used to planning: in his book, Indistractable, Nir Eyal shows us to first focus on what is really important to us. Once we have brought our values and the objectives that we want to reach to light, the strategies that the author teaches us can help us to protect ourselves from the continuous distractions in which we take refuge. This way we learn to better manage the time that we have available, and to live life beyond distractions.

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Becoming indistractable to live the life that we wish for

Living a fulfilling life means doing the right things and stopping doing the wrong things, that not only don’t get us anywhere, but they actually move us further away from fulfilling our dreams. Distractions are all of those things that we do unconsciously that are neither useful in helping us to live the life that we want to, nor in helping us to become the people that we really want to be.

To stop being distracted there is no need to blame technology, or to try to get rid of it; the first thing that we need to do is understand that distractions are there to hide some kind of discomfort within us, possibly because we are not really living the lives that we want for ourselves. The next step is to make space in our day for all the things that are important to us, using a simple tool that is available to everyone: planning.

Once this is done, it will be easy to identify all the external stimuli (that technology pushes to the extreme) that reduce our productivity and wellbeing.


The key ideas of "Indistractable"

Becoming indistractable to live the life that we wish for
Reducing distraction and increasing “traction”
We can work on the root cause of our distraction: discomfort
Living according to our values as much as possible can help to reduce the sources of distraction
Creating antibodies to keep external stimuli at bay
How to protect ourselves from the easy distractions that come with technology
We can make a pact with ourselves to avoid falling into distraction
Our place of work must help us to stay focussed
We can and we must show our children how to become indistractable, and teach them to value their time
Some practical tips to help children manage their time well and avoid distractions
Important relationships deserve quality time
Take-home message
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