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Inside the Mind of Sales
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Derek Borthwick

Inside the Mind of Sales

Using neuroscience to prosper in sales

Selling is not exclusive to the world of work and business: we are basically selling something every single time we try to convince anyone to do anything that can potentially solve a problem. This is why it can be extremely useful to do away with the negative image that is usually associated with the act of selling, and to learn to see it for what it really is: an important process that plays a role in all of our lives, an advanced way to communicate, and a chance to get to know people better. Not to mention a potentially very fulfilling career. Bringing together his knowledge of hypnosis, neuroscience, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and marketing, in his book Inside the Mind of Sales, author Derek Borthwick aims to provide us with an empathic and effective sales method. The salesperson’s attitude is closely related to the method itself, which needs to be driven by a sincere curiosity to understand people and to help solve their problems, whenever and however you can. 

Inside the Mind of Sales
Read in 26 min.
Listen in 33 min.

Selling more requires a multidisciplinary and continuous method

Selling is a relationship between a buyer and a seller, that is, between human beings. So, it is only logical that a deep understanding of how people think and communicate their view of the world is essential to be able to sell successfully.

The starting principles begin with those of persuasion, but it certainly does not end there: selling is a process which brings together the key components from several different disciplines to provide the seller with a set of winning tools he or she can use to ensure success.

The most important part of the process that leads to making a purchase takes place in the buyer's mind, just below the level of conscious thought. This involves looking at the science of the unconscious, hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming, and neuroscience to literally transform the way you sell.

There is only one caveat: you don't learn everything at once, but you do need to apply a "growth plan" to your sales skills, as you gradually learn to take advantage of every new tool that is made available to you.


The key ideas of "Inside the Mind of Sales"

Selling more requires a multidisciplinary and continuous method
Selling has a negative image which it doesn’t deserve
Our brain is made up of three different brains
A good sale is based on a client’s map of reality
Our limited attention span is a problem
The power of the belief system
An exercise to learn to control your state of mind to help you sell more
A good sale is based on building a relationship: use mirroring to help you
To get people to appreciate you, it is important to smile and show interest
Selling is advanced communication
The four important truths when it comes to selling
Preparation and a well-rehearsed method are key to a successful first phone call
To manage a face to face meeting, you must make the other person feel comfortable
Ask questions to gather information that can help you to close the sale
Create a sales funnel leveraging on your own strengths
A good product pitch must be credible
Use body language to understand your prospect’s disposition
To close the deal, be prepared to manage your 5 biggest objections
Space to negotiate opens up when the client has already made their decision
Don’t ditch your customer after the sale
Take-home message
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