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It's About Time

Take back your time by doing meaningful things

It's About Time analyzes the difficult relationship we have established with time: we don't care enough about how we "spend" it,  and our  risk of wasting it is increasing. Technology, some social conventions and the tendency to confuse what is urgent with what is meaningful put our happiness at risk, leading us to spend time on activities that are not. The simple actions of noticing   and reflecting on how we are living, are the fundamental tools for taking back  possession of our most precious asset: time.

It's About Time
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Many useful tips to:

  • Take your life back by establishing harmonious rhythms.
  • Learn to distinguish between urgent and meaningful.
  • Reflect on the value of time and learn to respect it.

The author of the book:

Valorie Burton is a life coach, meaning a motivational consultant. Author of numerous books dedicated to personal growth, she founded the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute. She regularly appears on CNN and HLN TV channels and has written for Oprah Magazine. Her texts aim at helping readers find joy while facing the challenges posed by modern life, offering practical tools to find satisfaction and purpose in work and in private life.


There is an unbreakable link between time and happiness

The author invites readers to walk this path with her, sharing her experience to open your eyes to the insidious nature of our problem with time. It is a problem that emerged as we went from living according to the cycles of nature to being carried away by the unsustainable rhythm imposed by the technological age.

Stress and despair are only symptoms, what should frighten us is the idea of living a life in which time is spent on things that seem important, and that only when we look back, do they show themselves for what they really are: hollow. Only by looking back we can understand that we have overlooked what was really important.


The key ideas of "It's About Time"

There is an unbreakable link between time and happiness
Living timelessly
The new normal is not normal
Living under pressure, a threat to the little ones
Urgent and false urgencies
Time poverty
Does technology give or steal time?
Let's make peace with lost time
Where wrong decisions come from
Three enemies: procrastination, perfectionism and optimism
Use some time to build your compass
Take-home message

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