Joy on demand

Chade-Meng Tan

Joy on demand



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Joy on Demand is an invitation to cultivate happiness. Being happy benefits us and the rest of the world, which is full of suffering. Meditation is the way to access a happy life. In fact, meditation is valuable for helping us deal with many aspects of our life. From controlling stress, to learning to concentrate better, to the development of our creativity. Learning to meditate is an excellent way to help ourselves deal with the challenges of everyday life. In addition, meditating means being able to bring out the joy that lies deep within us, and allow it to flourish, so that we can live in peace, in spite of our troubles. It is absolutely possible to bring more joy into our lives, regardless of our circumstances. With practice, we can learn to access our joy, resulting in a better world for everyone. 

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Analysis and key concepts


Happiness is highly trainable. This is the basis for the Search Inside Yourself course


Mind-training can change your life if it is done consistently


We are joy and the key is to unlock that joy within us


The importance of the breath to feel one’s own energy


Examples of meditation practice to prepare for joy


Suffering affects us all but meditation can help




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Discover some meditation techniques to bring forth the joy in your heart.
  • Understand that joy is inside us and that we can train ourselves to rediscover it.
  • Help anyone who is looking to understand themselves better through meditation.

Born in 1970, Chade-Meng Tan is a talented engineer who worked at Google and held a mindfulness course called “Search Inside Yourself” for his colleagues. The course was so successful, that the personnel department called him to work for Human Resources. His course became very popular among Googlers, and became a book by the same title. Search Inside Yourself, the book, became an international bestseller, and Tan also wrote Joy on Demand, a book on the art of rediscovering the joy within us as the key to living a more peaceful life, in harmony with the world.

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