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L'Era del Cuore

How to change your mindset and be happy

We live in an era in which a lot of what we do is taken care of by machines, knowledge is available to everyone, and the strength to find our place in the world lies in our emotions: this is the era of the heart, where revolutions speak the language of feelings, and in order to be successful in life, we need to approach our human relationships with the right mindset. In his book, “The Era of The Heart: How to find the Courage to be Happy”, Luca Mazzucchelli, also known as “the psychologist who doesn’t use a couch”, provides us with useful techniques and tips on how to bring about change in our lives, starting with our feelings, to help us achieve happiness and success.

L'Era del Cuore
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Emotions are the heart’s true strength

Emotions are important, because they are fuelled by ideas and values that move us to take action, becoming forces for change. This is even truer today, since we are living in the so-called ‘era of the heart’. After having witnessed the era of the body, in which strength and physical prowess were important, and the era of the mind, in which intellect and ingenuity were our masters, today we live and move in a daily life in which machines take care of everything and knowledge is easily accessible; and for this very reason, to find our place in the world, we must use those assets that distinguish us from machines: our heart and our emotions. In our daily life, physical and intellectual skills have been overtaken by emotional ones: today more than ever, it is crucial that we act from the heart, that we listen to our emotions and make a positive impact, not only on our own lives, but on the lives of those around us.


The key ideas of "L'Era del Cuore"

Emotions are the heart’s true strength
Being able to listen and think about the meaning of our actions is the foundation for a positive mindset
Stepping out of your comfort zone and overcoming the fear of making mistakes to help you grow
Taking charge of what happens to us and letting go of what we cannot control
Be happy: discover your values
Valuing your time and saving energy
Leadership also needs to come from the heart and is about giving more than taking
Trusting our ideas and important decisions can change our lives
Take-home message

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