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How to successfully launch any product

Launch: An Internet Millionaire's Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love and Live the Life of Your Dreams, walks us carefully through ‘the process of creating the right product and adapting it to market requirements, to carefully define a list of potential customers to achieve a maximum number of conversions, to improve your brand’s reputation, and offer value to your existing and potential customers. These are just some of the phases involved in the Product Launch Formula® currently used by successful businesses all over the world, through a technique which promises the successful launch of any kind of product or service, including those that have not even been made yet.

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With its speed of communication, interactivity and accessible costs, the Internet has broken down the barriers to entry for anyone who wants to start a business

The Internet has made it easier, faster and more affordable to start your own business. The author knows this first-hand, from when he started his own company, by sending out a brief email to promote his product: a newsletter about the stock market. By the end of the first week, thanks to the quality of the launch, he had made $34,000, the same amount that he would have earned in a year in the company that he had just left. It was 2003, and that launch was the first step in fine-tuning the approach known as Product Launch Formula®.

Product Launch Formula® enables a product to connect with its relevant market, a target so precisely honed that the people contacted will jump at the chance to buy. Not only that, using PLF you can sell your product before even producing it, avoiding one of the biggest risks for an entrepreneur: working based on hope marketing, producing a product that you hope to sell.

The advantages of the Internet are well known:

  • it is easier and faster to get in touch with your target market. It only takes a few minutes to put together an email and send it to a list of your clients and prospects;
  • the cost of communication is low, sending an email or creating a social media post costs next to nothing, and all barriers to entry have been removed;
  • it is interactive: when customers or followers answer one of your messages, lots of data becomes available, and market feedback is almost instant.

The key ideas of "Launch"

With its speed of communication, interactivity and accessible costs, the Internet has broken down the barriers to entry for anyone who wants to start a business
The launch of a product or service needs to be managed like an event, not like an advert
Opening the lines of conversation with customers before starting production can help determine whether the product is correctly placed
The pre-launch technique based on content involves offering value to our clients, presenting the product effectively without actually selling it
A launch is also a sequence: it begins with an email letting people know that sales are open for a set period and is closed with a countdown
The post launch phase focuses on non-buying customers and building brand value to lay the foundations for the next launch
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