Leadership and Self Deception

The Arbinger Institute

Leadership and Self Deception



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For more than 40 years, the Arbinger Institute has been developing programs and methods founded on motivational and behavioural psychology to help people achieve their objectives. With this book Leadership and Self-Deception: getting out of the box, the authors illustrate the ways in which self-deception is the root of almost all of our problems, and they show us how to get out of this troublesome state to live a more fulfilling life, and achieve our goals both at home and at work. 

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Analysis and key concepts


Self-deception makes us blind to the true cause of our problems and it is so tangled in our daily lives that it influences almost every experience we have


When we don’t respect other people and value their worries and needs, we are also not taking care of our own, so we are ‘in-the-box’ of self-deception


The self-deception process is contagious and can spread just like a virus


Self-deception doesn’t necessarily imply bad behaviour; negative feelings are all it takes to trigger it


Betraying yourself is one of the triggers of self-deception


Any attempt to fix the situation from in-the-box will be ineffective


The only way to get out of the self-deception box is to admit to yourself that you are in there


Pushing ourselves to break the chains of self-deception will make us better leaders and help us live a happier life




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Be honest with yourself about your mistakes and issues.
  • Learn to care for others instead of being selfish.
  • Step up your game at work.
  • Improve your relationships with others.
  • Become a better leader.

The Arbinger Institute is a company founded in 1979 by Dr C. Terry Warner. The institute is dedicated to helping people, teams, and organisations achieve breakthrough results by shifting from the default self-focus they call an inward mindset to the others-inclusive focus of an outward mindset. Through a series of consultations, learning paths and the implementation of practical tools, the company guides its customers towards obtaining the desired results, which can only be reached through a mental state of openness, observation and focus on others and the external world. For over thirty-five years, the company has worked with clients from all over the world such as famous multinationals, governments, healthcare, training companies and non-profit organisations.

Publishing house:

Berrett-Koehler Publishers