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Leading from Purpose

Find your purpose to be a better leader and man

We all have something that makes us unique, an added value that no one else can bring to situations. This is our purpose. Being able to recognize our purpose, and allowing it to become our guide in difficult times, will lead us to become not only better people, but also excellent leaders. It will help us overcome any adversity, even when the right decision seems to be the unpopular one, and when it seems that everyone is against us. Leading from Purpose will guide  us in the pursuit of our purpose and help us to be in harmony with it, so that we can use it to guide us in all aspects of our life, from work to our personal life.

Leading from Purpose
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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand what our purpose is, how to identify it and use it to guide us in life.
  • Learn to make sense of that inner voice that seems to guide us in times of need.
  • Discover the stories of those who managed to overcome great challenges by following their purpose.

The author of the book:

Nick Craig is the founder and president of the Core Leadership Institute, where he helps corporate executives find their purpose and use it to lead. He has worked with organizations such as Ben & Jerry's, Heineken, LEGO, and Unilever. His vision and approach derive from over 25 years of experience. He is also the author of From Purpose to Impact and Finding your True North.


Find our purpose to guide our lives

What is the strength that guides us even in the most difficult moments, which shows us the way forward when each choice seems to be the wrong one? Our purpose. It is different for each of us, and it can remain hidden for years, but it has always been with  us.

This book aims to help you find (or rediscover) your purpose, to get in touch with it, and to allow it to help you manage a team, an entire company, your family, or any aspect of your life.

Your purpose will make you feel curious, courageous, honored and inspired, but also vulnerable, afraid, and much more. With a purpose, all these emotions will have meaning.


The key ideas of "Leading from Purpose"

Find our purpose to guide our lives
Finding out who we are will reveal our purpose
steps to discover our purpose
What impact does purpose have on our life and our surroundings?
Take-home message

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