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Letting Go of Laziness

The guide to increasing productivity and to stop procrastinating

Being a time management wizard and managing to break free of the nightmare of worry, stress and procrastination can help us to live a more fulfilling and happier life, starting with our daily routine and saving precious time, which we can then spend on doing things for ourselves. The secret to doing so, in the right away, is encapsulated in these few simple tips, as set out by John Ward, in his book Letting Go of Laziness: 7 Habits to Control Your Time, Boost Productivity and Avoid Procrastinating. By putting these tips into practice, every one of us can learn the secrets of organisation and finally find the time to do everything we want to,  as well as enjoy a happy life.

Letting Go of Laziness
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Good time management doesn’t mean doing more but doing better, to enjoy more free time

For many people, the management of the tasks that encumber their lives means having more time to devote to their work. At a glance, this might seem like an excellent method to enhance productivity and reach personal objectives more quickly, but this approach could not be more wrong.  Anyone who applies this method, realises sooner or later, that a life spent completing tasks, without devoting any time to oneself, ends up losing all meaning, turning into a daily, hourly grind with no real intention. In fact the secret resides, not in saving time, but in optimising the tasks that we set ourselves and in getting rid of all those unnecessary jobs, leaving time to enjoy more free time to devote to our personal lives.

So what is getting in the way of us making improvements to our daily routine, achieving our objectives and giving ourselves the precious gift of time? The main problem is famously known as procrastination and it is caused by a series of bad habits, from which we need to release ourselves, in order to live better. Breaking free from harmful habits is neither easy nor immediate, because it often has to do with a series of small decisions that we make without even thinking, but according to the author, it is possible to do so by following a few simple tips, and with minimum effort: organising our daily duties, stepping out of one’s comfort zone and becoming a little more farsighted can help each of us live our life to the fullest, letting go of any feelings of guilt, worry or stress.


The key ideas of "Letting Go of Laziness"

Good time management doesn’t mean doing more but doing better, to enjoy more free time
The trick to completing tasks, and being better organised is starting early
We can stop procrastinating by putting a halt to distractions and by following the Ivy Lee method
Creating intelligent goals helps us to focus on our tasks for longer
Learning to say no can turn our lives around
Carving out time for ourselves and creating a good sleep routine is essential
Creating the perfect routine by assigning the right workload to the most productive moments
Making space for tree time using the 80/20 rule
Take-home message

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