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Max Tegmark

Life 3.0



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Life 3.0 is written like a journey through time. Having learned from the challenges of previous lives, humans are now faced with their biggest challenge: learning to live with machines of superior intelligence. The journey has already begun and nobody really knows what the future will hold. However, what man can and must do, is remember his humanity when faced with the great evolution of technology. If humans act ethically and truly believe that artificial intelligence can be integrated into everyday life in a way that benefits us, then the world will be a better place with it. For its use to have a meaningful impact, it is important to promote research and keep the debate about the positive aspects of artificial intelligence alive. 

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Analysis and key concepts


The concept of artificial intelligence fits in with the concept of evolution


The debate is open and there are numerous ongoing disputes over artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence could do extensive harm or extensive good for humanity


Among the big questions for the future is the ethical question of human beings’ intention for this technology


What happens tomorrow depends on what we do today. The biggest challenges for the future must be dealt with today


Possible future scenarios of man and machine living together


The contribution of the Future of Life Institute to a benevolent artificial intelligence




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Many useful tips to:

  • Provide a closer look at the concept of artificial intelligence, its development and potential.
  • Understand what we mean by artificial intelligence today and the challenges it presents for the future.
  • Reflect on the beneficial role that artificial intelligence has to play in our future.
  • Join in the debate on the risks and opportunities linked to artificial intelligence.

Swedish born Max Tegmark is a physics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As founder of the Future of Life Institute, a non-profit organisation that works to improve the future through the use of technology, he has devoted many years of his academic life to the study of artificial intelligence. He has promoted conventions, published research and written books on the subject. In 2017, during an international meeting, he presented a 23 point document with other academics on the principles of Asilomar for artificial intelligence. This important document illustrates the guidelines for the development of beneficial artificial intelligence.

Publishing house:

Penguin UK