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Training the mind to overcome any obstacle

By applying just a handful of practical techniques, we can improve our brain power and live to the maximum of our human potential. It is common knowledge nowadays, that if we want to improve our health, we need to look at our diet and exercise regimen, but we often tend to overlook specific exercises and specific foods - including books! - they are extremely important to help develop our brain. In Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life, Jim Kwik shares his experiences and teaches us some simple and effective techniques to unlock our human potential.

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Many useful tips to:

  • Free your potential.
  • Learn faster and be able to put what you have learned into practice.
  • Live your life with greater mindfulness, which will result in greater productivity.

The author of the book:

Jim Kwik is a highly sought after “brain coach”. Having experienced a brain lesion as a child, Kwik decided to dedicate his life to developing strategies to make learning child’s play: his studies are directed at improving the performance of the human brain. Among his clients are companies such as Google, Virgin, Nike, Zappos, GE, Harvard and NYU. His online courses are distributed using the platform KwikLearning.com, and are transmitted in over 190 countries and via his podcast, “Kwik Brain”, he is often quoted in Forbes Magazine, Huffpost, Fast Company, Inc. and CNBC.


Everyone is a potential superhero, but to get in touch with you inner hero you have to shake off the false limits imposed by others, to shape your brain according to your own true mindset

All too often people allow other people to define who they are, and they find themselves lost in a labyrinth of assumptions and judgements that are completely untrue, yet they make them feel impotent. Being able to free ourselves from these false limits means achieving success in those areas of our lives that seem impossible to reach. In order to do that, we can follow the “limitless” model; each time we feel that we are living a life that is different from the one we truly desire, the first thing we need to ask ourselves is what is keeping our foot on the brakes, and where exactly does the obstacle lie? It might be our own mindset that is holding us back, or the problem may lie in our motivation, or in our methods.

It is definitely not in the brain, which is the most incredible machine ever created, capable of processing data faster than a computer, with an infinite memory, and the capacity to adapt to any situation, and above all, to do so according to the requests of its “owner”. For example, according to a study conducted by the neuroscientist Eleanor Maguire at the University College of London, taxi drivers have a more developed hippocampus (the part of the cerebral cortex that deals with memory) than other people of the same age, education and intelligence, who are not taxi drivers; it is as though the London cabbies’ brains expand to allow them to learn to recognise every little alley of the big city.


The key ideas of "Limitless"

Everyone is a potential superhero, but to get in touch with you inner hero you have to shake off the false limits imposed by others, to shape your brain according to your own true mindset
If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower that should be strengthened to its maximum, applying a method that allows us to make the most of every single lesson
Unlocking your attitude means unlocking your results, and other people’s results with them
Breaking free of limiting beliefs is the first step towards activating your potential and creating behaviour that generates positivity
Being motivated doesn’t mean being happy about every task that we have to undertake, but never letting go of the desire to build our skills
Staying focussed: concentration is like a muscle that can be trained by applying simple techniques
Learning to think positively means unlocking your mind to help find better solutions
Take-home message

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