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Melonie Dodaro

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To do social selling on LinkedIn, you must first have a good network, made up of potential customers, that is based on authentic human relationships. In conjunction with these factors, your brand must also be credible and have authority. Building an online reputation requires persistence, patience, and a good personal branding strategy. In her book LinkedIn Unlocked: Unlock the Mystery of LinkedIn to Drive More Sales Through Social Selling, Melonie Dodaro explains the method that she personally devised to exploit the enormous opportunities offered by LinkedIn, which is aimed at helping people to improve their personal branding, and to get better results from social selling through this platform.

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Analysis and key concepts


To attract new customers, you need to transform your network from a simple collection of virtual contacts to a set of social relationships


To define a winning social selling strategy on LinkedIn, you need to understand what differentiates your business from others, who your ideal customers are, and what they need


A professional’s LinkedIn profile must be studied in detail, and convey an image that is consistent with their business, much like a business card


To do social selling through LinkedIn, you need to have a quality network


Being kind and polite, respecting others, and collaborating with your contacts helps improve your sales skills on LinkedIn


To understand if a piece of content is suitable to be shared on LinkedIn, all you need to do is consider if you would talk about it with your colleagues or customers face-to-face


Sharing quality content that informs your potential customers, and increases their awareness, is a winning social selling strategy on LinkedIn


To be successful on LinkedIn, you need a solid action plan, accompanied by a list of activities to do day-to-day


Social selling on LinkedIn requires the use of many resources, and so you need to establish measurable objectives




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Many useful tips to:

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Melonie Dodaro is an entrepreneur, a best selling author, and a leading social media expert, specialising in the platform LinkedIn. She is the founder and CEO of Top Dog Social Media. She has created an online coaching program called "Cracking the LinkedIn Code 3.0" in which she helps professionals and companies to improve their online authority and credibility, with the aim of increasing the sales of their products or services through social selling on LinkedIn. In addition to this, she runs several training courses and seminars in which she teaches participants to take advantage of the opportunities offered by LinkedIn to improve their personal branding.

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