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Logo Design Love
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Logo Design Love

The process of creating a brand identity

Every company must have a recognisable brand identity, which allows it to stand out from the mass of brands that surround us at all times of the day, each of them vying for our attention. Logo Design Love is a design manual which explains the entire process leading to the creation of an iconic and memorable logo. Its author, David Airey, takes us on a discovery of the fascinating and complex world of logo design, revealing what lies behind the scenes of a project dedicated to the creation of a brand's identity. Through a multitude of stories, sketches, and examples, Logo Design Love helps us to understand the main parts which go to make up the whole branding process, thereby highlighting how the profession of a designer is in fact much more a question of method, curiosity and motivation, than a single-minded search for purely creative inspiration.

Logo Design Love
Read in 22 min.
Listen in 27 min.

Creating a specific brand identity is essential if a brand wants to stand out from the crowd

If we pay attention, we will see that we are literally surrounded by brands and their logos; they are all around us, so widespread, that we hardly notice them, and we even take their presence for granted. It is estimated that an average American is exposed to 16,000 advertising stimuli each day, including billboards, pictures, logos and labels. That number might seem excessive , but if we think about it for a moment, it isn’t surprising at all: from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, until we go to sleep at night, how many brands have been flashed before us? A typical day for many of us begins with switching off the alarm on our mobile phone, with its display of various icons, from Google and Chrome, to the brand of the phone itself and, without realising, even before having finished our coffee, we have already seen a dozen or two dozen brands winking at us with their imaginative logos. We no longer notice it, but all these symbols and icons are the result of the work of the professionals who designed them precisely to enter our lives, and never to leave them. We turn on the coffee machine, a logo, we grab the biscuit tin, another logo, the cereal box… and then the carton of milk; we move on to the bathroom and yet more brands appear, with their colourful logos. We could tell the story of our day just by photographing the entire stream of products we use or that pass before our eyes, each with a nice, printed logo, and each one a reminder that behind that object, a world of references has been expertly constructed, has been given a narrative, and condensed into a symbol. Every day we are enveloped by new information and fresh stimuli, most of these updates being conveyed visually, and there are so many of them, that it is very easy for us to mix them up and confuse one brand for another. Hence the need to differentiate: a brand has to stand out from the crowd - today more than ever. How do you differentiate yourself? The importance of the logo designer’s work emerges in answer to this question; this constant challenge provides the opportunity for designers to create iconic brand identities, which stand out from the crowd and get noticed.


The key ideas of "Logo Design Love"

Creating a specific brand identity is essential if a brand wants to stand out from the crowd
We buy a product based on the value it communicates to us and branding serves to increase that perceived value
An iconic design is simple, easy to remember, consistent and long-lasting
In the process of creating a logo you have to start on the right foot and establish the basis for building a positive relationship with the customer
Beware of the risks of rebranding: changing your image is not enough to guarantee success
Prices are established based on the customer and the type of project, you should always ask for a deposit and, if you want to work for free, you can help a non-profit association
The two fundamental tools for designing a logo are mind maps and sketches, and they are done strictly with pen and paper.
A good designer must be able to communicate with customers; even if it is not taught at university, this is a skill that can be learned on the job
The most difficult thing is not to find inspiration, but to stay motivated
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