Magnetic Marketing
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Dan S. Kennedy

Magnetic Marketing

Learn to attract clients instead of chasing after them

Magnetic Marketing explains how to put into practice a system that has been tried and tested to attract clients rather than to chase them. effective and sustainable method for every kind of business that enables us to get in touch with our target market and the people who we aim to turn into our customers. According to Dan Kennedy, everything that we know about marketing is wrong; if we want our company to grow and prosper, we need to learn to become irresistible, just like the smell of popcorn at the cinema.

Magnetic Marketing
Read in 13 min.
Listen in 16 min.

Without a structured marketing system, our company is destined to fail

Dan Kennedy is not one to mince his words when he claims that everything we think we know about how to make our companies grow and prosper is wrong.

There are still people who think that having a brilliant product is the equivalent to having a successful business; those who think that it is enough to be a great salesperson with the right mindset to have a long list of clients. 

There are those who think that they can do without marketing and that they can make up advertising campaigns any old how. According to the author, every entrepreneur should have a structured system that works to attract new clients to make their business profitable and long lasting. A system that allows companies to identify exactly who their target audience is and to communicate a clear and effective message to them, moving them to carry out specific actions, without wasting time on useless activities that do not generate returns.


The key ideas of "Magnetic Marketing"

Without a structured marketing system, our company is destined to fail
Everything we MUST NOT do when it comes to marketing
The basic principle of magnetic marketing: being unique and knowing how to communicate that effectively
Why it’s better to attract clients than to chase them
Fully understanding what our customers want, to be able to connect them to our offer
The three elements of the magnetic marketing triangle: message, market and media
The rules of magnetic marketing: every message needs to end with a call to action
Create a lead magnet to develop a list of people that are interested in our product
To convert an interested person into a paying customer we need to set up a strategy
The secret ingredient: to continue with marketing even after the client has already bought
Take-home message
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