Master Your Emotions

Thibaut Meurisse

Master Your Emotions



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Master Your Emotions is the ultimate practical manual for the management of emotions that everyone should be handed at birth, to understand how to juggle the complexities of being human. Thibaut Meurisse teaches us to see that our emotions are in fact transitory, and as such, destined to disappear. He also invites us to pay attention to the power they have to either enrich or inhibit our lives. By understanding how our emotions work, we can use them to our advantage, like a sort of compass which can show us whether we are moving in the right direction, or if we need to correct our course. 

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Analysis and key concepts


The survival mechanism in human beings naturally tends to look for and remove all risks and threats


The ego is our history and our identity; it is neither good nor bad, it is the result of our lack of self awareness


Emotions come and go and they work like a magnet for thoughts and situations vibrating on the same frequency


Negative emotions are not the problem, the problem is the mental suffering we cause with our own thoughts


Our emotions are not only influenced by our thoughts and beliefs, but also by our body, our voice, the food we eat, by how we sleep, the words we speak and our environment


Emotions can be strengthened by interpretation, identification, and repetition; if we remove at least one of these three factors, they lose their hold over us


We can condition our minds to feel more positive emotions that help us to create a reality in which we feel good


Negative emotions help us understand ourselves and can let us know when we need to make some changes: we can use them to grow


We are responsible for our stress levels and worries and depression could be seen as an invitation to establish greater contact with our reality




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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand how our emotions work and learn to use them for personal growth.
  • Help us to learn to accept the highs and lows of our emotions as a normal part of the human experience.
  • Understand that positive thoughts and emotions have a sort of magnetic power to further attract positive thoughts and emotions.

Thibaut Meurisse is a French author who has lived in Japan for many years; he is a coach and the founder of the website His work has featured on many personal development sites such as Lifehack, TinyBuddha and Goalcast. An aficionado of self-improvement and personal development, his mission is to help people realise their full potential.

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