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Master Your Time, Master Your Life
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Brian Tracy

Master Your Time, Master Your Life

How to become the master of your time

Time is the most precious resource we have as humans, but, unfortunately, it is limited. Quality of life, according to Brian Tracy, author of Master Your Time, Master Your Life, is determined by the quality of your time management. You can only be successful if you have perfect control over time, both at work and in life. The author offers practical examples and suggests dividing your time into different categories, from time to plan and time to work, to family time and time to rest, explaining how, by changing the way you think about time, you can become an absolute master of it, rather than being controlled by it.

Master Your Time, Master Your Life
Read in 18 min.
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Your quality of life is determined by the quality of your time management

Time is one of the greatest resources that everyone has at their disposal, but if you don't learn how to manage it correctly, you risk wasting it on unprofitable and unrewarding activities. To be successful in life - at work as well as in your personal relationships - it is important to learn to control your time.  

Successful people have 24-hour days, just like everybody else, but what makes them different from others? The way they use their time.

The most important skill, which is the one you need to develop to really make a difference, is the ability to think. Thomas Edison said that thinking was the hardest kind of work there is, so many people would rather die than think. Your attitude towards time and the different ways in which you choose to use it determine the effectiveness and quality of every single aspect of your life. 

Short and long-term success is determined by the way you react to the difficulties and changes that will, at times, inevitably occur in life. Often, people simply react in an almost automatic way, not stopping to think about what would be the best thing to do. What they do with their time is out of their control, making them unproductive and, therefore, dissatisfied. 

The author suggests dividing time into ten categories, to learn how to maximise the potential of the activities carried out in each of these areas: time for strategic planning and goal setting, time for productivity, time for income improvement, free time, time for work, time for creativity, time for problem solving, time for relationships and family, time for rest and recovery, and quiet time.


The key ideas of "Master Your Time, Master Your Life "

Your quality of life is determined by the quality of your time management
Strategic planning and goal setting time is one of the most important types of time, because it helps you to achieve your goals
Clarity is the foundation of success: by focusing on the future and forgetting past mistakes, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals
Being productive means redirecting your time, while always keeping concepts, such as clarity, focus, and concentration in mind
To improve your income, you need to think of yourself as an employee of your own company, and invest in your skills
How you manage your spare time is the key to success: the way you spend your free time always has an impact on your results
It is not difficult to be productive during working hours – you just have to work when at work
Creative thinking’s worst enemies are comfort zones, learned helplessness, and the fear of failure or rejection
Time spent with loved ones and time spent resting determine 85% of your happiness and success in life, or your failure
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