Masters of Scale

Reid Garrett Hoffman , June Cohen, Deron Triff

Masters of Scale



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What qualities should the leader of a company experiencing rapid growth have? Talent, good relationships and a sound strategy are not enough: you need a winning mindset, one which is resilient and allows you to make decisions quickly. In Masters of Scale, the book named after their podcast, Reid Hoffman, June Cohen and Deron Triff share dozens of stories from America's greatest leaders, CEOs and managers of companies such as Google, Linkedin, Airbnb, Starbucks and many more. The principles that are presented often seem counterintuitive, but they work: they will help you raise capital quickly, as well as understand the right person to accept it from; to endure the "nos" while you search for the right "yes"; to treat employees as real team members, and to listen to customers in the most effective way for your business. In the time it will take you to finish this book, you will have found your leader mindset, and a much clearer view of your methods and vision.

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Analysis and key concepts


‘No’ is an overlooked opportunity, it doesn’t always mean what you fear it does


Before you think big, you need to think small, and take care of your most faithful customers


Great ideas don’t just fall from the sky, you need to have the right ingredients


Speed and patience: an important balance to achieve success


Two very important skills: observing customers at work and knowing when it’s time to pivot


There is no successful company without a successful company culture


The qualities of a true leader: adaptability, courage, availability




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Delve into the entrepreneurial minds of some of the world's most successful companies.
  • Understand how to help your own company grow with vision, resilience and speed.
  • Become a better leader, for the good of your employees and the company as a whole.

California born Reid Hoffman is an entrepreneur, recognised by many as one of the most successful investors in the history of Silicon Valley. He is the co-founder of Linkedin, and was a member of the board of directors during the founding of PayPal, and later became the COO. Today, he is a board member of Greylock, Microsoft and many other organisations, including several non-profits. He has written several books on entrepreneurship, such as Blitzscaling, The Alliance, and The Start-Up of You. He also directs the award-winning podcast Masters of Scale, from which his book of the same title took its name.

June Cohen is the co-founder and CEO of WaitWhat, the media invention company behind Masters of Scale. Formerly, she was the head of Media for TED, where she launched TED talks on the internet. Prior to TED, June was the VP of Content at

Deron Triff is co-executive producer of the podcast Masters of Scale, and co-founder of the digital company WaitWhat. He worked with Cohen on the executive team at TED, which, under them, won 17 Webbies, the iTunes Podcast of the Year prize 8 times, a Peabody, and a National Design Award. Previously, Triff was vice president of digital at the non-profit tv network PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), where he also launched Sprout Network.

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