Medical Industrial Complex

James Morcan, Lance Morcan

Medical Industrial Complex



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The healthcare industry is incredibly far-reaching and involves countless individuals and institutions, from doctors to pharmaceutical companies, who do not always act fairly and honestly. In The Medical Industrial Complex, brothers James and Lance Morcan highlight the many opportunities for corruption to thrive in this multi-billion-dollar industry, and condemn the medical professionals who put profits before the health and well-being of patients. Of course, not everyone in the industry is corrupt, but the authors nevertheless encourage readers to learn more about the medicines we take and the medical procedures we undergo, so that we are able to make more informed choices about what is best for our bodies.

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Analysis and key concepts


The healthcare industry is particularly susceptible to corruption


Political pressure and potential side effects mean that we must take responsibility for our own health and that of our children


It often seems that the main aim of pharmaceutical companies is not to cure people, but to make money


From hypertension to depression, doctors sometimes put their own interests before their those of their patients


Malpractice is common among big pharmaceutical companies, from suppressing the efficacy of natural medicines to testing on human subjects


The pharmaceutical industry suppresses potential cures for major diseases, especially cancer


Tests and surgery are often unnecessary, and we should be focussing more our diet




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Understand how corruption thrives in the health and pharmaceutical industries. 
  • Discover cures and treatments that big pharmaceutical companies hide from us for financial gain. 
  • Reflect on the importance of learning about medicine, in order to stay as healthy as possible.

James Morcan  is an actor from New Zealand, who has appeared in numerous films, television programmes, and plays. Together with his brother Lance, he has also co-authored several books, novels, and essays, including the well-known Underground Knowledge series, which features bestsellers such as Genius Intelligence and Underground Bases. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

Lance Morcan lives in his home country of New Zealand with his family, and has co-authored several books with his brother James. Their series of essays, The Underground Knowledge Series, led to the creation of a large discussion group on the website Goodreads. Together with James, Lance Morcan is also a screenwriter and adapts the brothers’ books for the screen through their film production company, Morcan Motion Pictures.

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