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Million Dollar Habits
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Million Dollar Habits

Becoming successful and achieving our goals

What we are has a lot to do with our habits, so it is essential that we know how to build habits that can help us develop to our full potential. This can be done at any age, but it is not simple, because it requires determination and consistency. Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income is the key to learning how to become successful one day at a time; to become capable of setting goals and actually achieving them.

Million Dollar Habits
Read in 12 min.
Listen in 15 min.

There are four laws that determine the habits that can lead to our success: control, belief, expectations and attraction

95% of what we think, we do; consequently, we are the result of our habits. We develop conditioned responses during childhood which produce automatic behaviours. However, since all habits are learned through practice and repetition, learning  those habits which can transform us into successful individuals, is possible at any age. To do so, we first need to understand some ‘basic laws’, then we need to stick to them closely and make them a part of everything we do.

The first law is the law of control, which establishes that our level of happiness is directly related to the level of control that we have over our lives. Psychology has defined this as the theory of locus of control, distinguishing between the internal and external locus. Those that feel as though they have a certain level of control over what happens to them, feel that their lives are a result of their actions and the way that they behave, meaning that they have a solid internal locus of control. Those that feel that their lives are determined by others, their work, their boss, their childhood experiences and bad luck, are subject to the external locus and they feel as though they are simply victims of destiny.

The second “law” states that anything that we firmly believe will become our reality. The truth is that we don’t believe what we see, but we see what we believe. In other words, our deepest beliefs determine how we see the world and if we hold negative beliefs, they will transform into limiting factors that will hold us back. If we give up, or even worse, if we begin to tell other people that we lack certain capabilities, this will come true.  Our thoughts determine what we become.

The law of expectations is very similar: if we fully trust that something will happen, it will. Warning: we are talking about expectations, not about hopes and dreams. The more we feel sure about something, the more likely we are to act according to our certainty, which greatly increases the probability of it actually happening.

According to the law of attraction, we attract certain people, ideas and circumstances into our lives, which are in line with our most dominant thoughts. Positive thoughts and emotions attract positive people and circumstances. Just think about the difference between you walking into a room, smiling, and walking in with a wrinkled brow and a face like thunder: the feeling in the room and people’s behaviour towards you is always a reflection of you.


The key ideas of "Million Dollar Habits"

There are four laws that determine the habits that can lead to our success: control, belief, expectations and attraction
Your inner mirror, the model you choose and self-esteem: three useful techniques to build a concept of self that fits with your potential
Creating new habits takes time and motivation: they are built day by day through “operant conditioning”
The habit of optimism: building your future orientation and learning to set goals
Becoming a millionaire is possible if you really think about it: millionaires have the habit of thinking in terms of financial freedom for most of the time
Changing jobs to earn more money, a path that begins with building new skills
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