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Millionaire Success Habits
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Dean Graziosi

Millionaire Success Habits

Creating winning habits to achieve success

Small changes, day by day, which can make a big difference: Millionaire Success Habits offers simple formulae to help gradually swap out unproductive habits for productive ones, which will bring you closer to the change that you desire in your life. Whatever your story or inhibiting convictions, you can take your first step, as of today, on a road which will lead you straight to wealth and success. By putting into practice the methods and suggestions that Dean Graziosi provides in his book, your objectives will become clear, as will the deep-rooted motivations which are driving you to take action. This book will help you identify and push aside anything that is holding you back, so that you can make the best use of your potential, become truly productive, and finally take control of your life.

Millionaire Success Habits
Read in 16 min.
Listen in 19 min.

Now is the right time to change your habits

It doesn’t matter what way the market is moving, in what direction the economy is going or how society is evolving: with the right habits, you can reach your full potential and achieve your goals, by taking control of your finances, today. Remember that money is not the root of all evil, as some people like to infer; of course money can’t solve all your problems, but it sure does help. When earned ethically, money can enable you to do great things and contribute to the improvement of other people’s lives as well as your own. By practicing winning habits, to the point at which they truly become second nature, you can welcome abundance and prosperity into your life, letting go of your fears and worries.


The key ideas of "Millionaire Success Habits"

Now is the right time to change your habits
Procrastination is the enemy of success
The villain within: how to recognise and get rid of it
Write a new story that sees you soar
Awaken your inner hero and infinite opportunities will open up
Create a strong objective that will illuminate your path
Attraction and persuasion or understanding and listening to your clients
After the “yes”: create long lasting, trusting relationships
Happiness brings success and not the other way around
Quick and effective strategies for success
The challenge: believe in yourself to create the life of your dreams
Become a master of productivity
Take-home message
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