Mindful Relationship Habits

S. J. Scott, Barrie Davenport

Mindful Relationship Habits



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New relationships positively sparkle with excitement, energy, and hope for the future, but over time, the daily challenges of everyday life can cause many of them to fall apart. In their book, Mindful Relationship Habits, S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport explain how to apply the principles of mindfulness in our relationship, in order to keep that flame of passion alive. The authors outline 25 practices that, once turned into habits, allow couples to develop a profound and respectful intimacy that will stand the test of time. From the way we communicate, to every small gesture of affection, each practice encourages us to open up to our partner, making it easier to be present in the relationship, even through all the ups and downs.

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Analysis and key concepts


In an increasingly hectic world, stopping to think and reflect is the best way to reconnect with our feelings


Every relationship requires commitment and patience


In order for our relationship to grow, we have to question and push our own boundaries


Intimacy in a couple thrives on physical and emotional contact


Active listening allows us to get to know our partner on a deeper level


Effective communication in a relationship relies on the ability to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, and to distinguish our own feelings from those of our partner


Self-love and a fulfilling sex life help a couple stay strong




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Many useful tips to:

  • Explore ways to revitalise your relationship.
  • Work on yourself through mindfulness practices.
  • Rediscover the joys and benefits of introspection.

S. J. Scott is an American non-fiction writer who specialises in personal growth and mindfulness, offering practical solutions to people who want to work on their personal development. He is the author of over thirty books, several of which he has co-authored with Barrie Davenport, and many of his bestsellers having been translated into twelve languages.


Barrie Davenport is a certified life coach, who works with people to improve both their professional careers and romantic relationships. She is the author of several bestselling books and is the founder of the popular personal growth blog Live Bold and Bloom. She has also co-authored a particularly successful series of books with S.J. Scott.

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