Mini Habits
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Learn the key ideas of the book by Stephen Guise

Mini Habits

The mini habits that can change our mindset

We would all like to learn how to form healthy and effective habits, so we can finally start waking up early in the morning, going for a run, eating healthily, improving our productivity, and so on. Yet, most of us fall short, time and time again. Stephen Guise has developed a simple method based on his own personal experience, which promises to solve these problems and help us implement long-lasting change. By repeating these mini habits every day, we too can achieve outstanding results.

Mini Habits
Read in 14 min.
Listen in 18 min.

We would all like to develop good habits, but not everyone actually manages to follow through

It takes time to change our habits, and we usually have to go through a long process of trial and error in an attempt to find the best method for us. Even so, this is often still not enough, because we are faced with so much resistance that we are unable to change our behaviour. This is exactly what happened to Stephen Guise when he decided to turn his life around and get fit. Despite setting himself a very precise objective, he was sometimes unable to summon up the motivation, and was too easily discouraged. As he gradually became more and more frustrated with the situation, he eventually found the drive to initiate change: one step at a time, he moved closer to his goal and completely transformed not only his daily routine, but his entire way of thinking and behaving. All this was possible thanks to just one simple decision: instead of doing twenty or thirty push-ups, he just did one, but this single push-up completely revolutionised his life.

Guise’s method is based on what he calls 'mini habits', which are small actions that do not require much willpower, and that make us feel good straight away. He maintains that they enable us to transform our daily life and implement changes that for a long time had seemed impossible, such as working out in the gym or going for a run, eating a healthy diet, reading more, and so on.


The key ideas of "Mini Habits"

We would all like to develop good habits, but not everyone actually manages to follow through
Intentions count for nothing: doing a little is better than doing nothing
Almost 50% of all human behaviour is connected to our habits
Stress is the enemy of change and increases negative behaviour
The brain acts both consciously and subconsciously
The ganglia and prefrontal cortex allow us to reason in both the short and long term
Simply being motivated is not enough to achieve a goal
The most successful strategy is based on willpower, which beats motivation
Ego depletion has five main causes, which can all be solved by forming mini habits
A few small habits can help us get out of our comfort zone
Our brain is programmed to resist change, but there are ways to overcome this obstacle
Mini habits help us become more independent
Eight steps to implementing mini habits in our everyday life
Take-home message
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