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Understanding money to earn more and give more

Millionaire Rob Moore's Money unveils the philosophy of money through first-hand experience, helping us learn about some of the myths, lies and exaggerations surrounding it. This book presents some simple tricks to better manage our money, teaches us about the right attitude to have and offers us some useful insights on how to quickly achieve our goal of becoming a millionaire.

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What are the emotions that money triggers in you?

Throughout this book, Moore details a path to self-awareness and recognition of the feelings we have towards money. In the author's own words, he learned at a very early age to work, to assimilate, and to feel the deep desire to earn, in the real and material sense of the term. He tells us that he also wanted to see his bank account grow.

Rob Moore went from poor to rich and even richer, oftentimes with a fluctuating bank account. He tells us that as a child he had the opportunity to discover his ambitions:to drive the neighbor's car. One of the first important lessons (which he shares with the reader from the very first pages) is to have understood the difference between being poor in industrialized countries and being poor in the Third World, which is the real definition of poor. If you indeed are living in a Third World country, you have no access to drinking water, to vaccinations, to an organized health system, let alone to the Internet and to freedom.

Not everyone is the same. Some people live in extreme poverty and we must never forget this. The reason why we must never forget this is because it is precisely by understanding this concept that we become more accurate when it comes to interpreting our relationship with money. The world is overdeveloped. Competition is not always healthy, but it offers clear possibilities and opportunities, creating the right conditions for growth and profit.

After all, what is money? This book presents a real and deep understanding of money, its purpose and history, as well as the system behind it. By understanding the philosophy of money, you will also be able to dispel some of the myths, lies, and exaggerations related to it.


The key ideas of "Money"

What are the emotions that money triggers in you?
The false myths related to money
What is money really?
The value of money: the beliefs and emotions it triggers
Having the right strategy and mentality towards money
Marketing tips and strategies to make money
What to keep in mind about money
Take-home message
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