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Never Too Late to Startup

Launching a successful startup after 40

Becoming an entrepreneur after your forties presents a lot of opportunities, not only to improve your professional life, but also your personal life, because it gives you the chance to apply talents that you might not have otherwise been able to put to use. Never Too Late to Startup shows us that there is no age limit on launching a startup: the key ingredients required to be a successful entrepreneur are ability, motivation and perseverance; all things that are well within our reach beyond our 40’s. From defining your idea to building a team, from family relationships to developing the right mindset, Never Too Late to Startup gives us a few things to think about and offers advice on how to “take the leap” and achieve success.

Never Too Late to Startup
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Many useful tips to:

  • Make changes to an unfulfilling professional life
  • Understand the advantages of middle aged entrepreneurship.
  • Define a clear project and evaluate its possible risks.

The author of the book:

Rob Kornblum has twenty five years’ experience working with start-ups and he has contributed to the growth of companies in a wide range of sectors such as technology, healthcare, consumer services and media. A former venture capitalist, he works as a consultant and coach, is the author of numerous books and has a blog entirely dedicated to entrepreneurial growth.


Launching a startup after 40

You are in your forties, or maybe fifties, with a long professional career behind you, but your path may not have brought you to where you expected to be at this age. As is the case for many people, you might be getting bored, or it has been years since your last wage increase, or what retirement has in store for you is not enough. Perhaps, despite having worked hard for years, you don’t know how to pay for college for your children. Now is the right time to consider a change and think about creating your own start-up.


The key ideas of "Never Too Late to Startup"

Launching a startup after 40
What the data shows us: how the working world has changed
The twenty year old entrepreneur is a myth to dispel
Crucial questions to ask and skills needed to start a business
Questions to ask yourself to find and validate your idea
The importance of balancing work and family
Stay motivated: your “why” will be your compass
Take-home message

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