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New Sales. Simplified

Strategies and exercises to find new clients with ease

In his book New Sales. Simplified. The essential handbook for prospecting and new business development, author Mike Weinberg outlines the role of a salesperson looking for new clients, giving a detailed account of how to go about it, as well as underlining what to do and what not to do during the process. This book is a manual for anyone looking to increase their business by reaching new customers, and suggests a series of practical exercises to help improve your selling skills.

New Sales. Simplified
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Selling is a simple concept, but one which people often complicate for no apparent reason

When it comes to sales, the main part of the job is to get in touch with potential customers to understand if the product you are offering will meet their needs.

If it's that simple, then why do we make it so complicated?

In recent years, many salespeople have struggled with their chosen profession: they seem to have trouble, for personal reasons, with having to "hunt" new customers for the first time in their lives.

We all know that change is a part of life: in recent years, many things have changed, including the world economy. The last few years have been particularly volatile, and we are not yet sure how "The Great Recession" will affect us long term, but one thing is certain: many sales managers find it extremely difficult to do things that they have never done before.

The advent of new technologies is making those who feel part of the "sales 2.0" movement believe that the "old style" methods no longer work within our new hyper-connected world, and this false belief is having a really negative impact on overall sales performance.

The solution lies in welcoming all the positive features that technological innovation has to offer, without forgetting the many core values that we have learned from traditional ways of doing business.

One of the roles we miss most in today’s modern era is the mentor, who was traditionally charged with taking care of his own work while helping his students grow and evolve, forming them into “protégés”. Before salespeople morphed into mythological beings glued to their desks and immersed in customer relationship management, sales managers considered training their team part of their business.


The key ideas of "New Sales. Simplified"

Selling is a simple concept, but one which people often complicate for no apparent reason
There are at least 16 reasons why we fail to win over a new client
We must change the system at its roots: salespeople are not “the bad guys” of the company
Making a list of objectives is key, but the goals you set must be realistic
There are plenty of weapons at a salesperson’s disposal, but the key one will always be your presentation story
The telephone is one of many ways to achieve your aim: the more you use it, the better you will get at making calls and the closer you will getto closing
For a meeting with a potential client to be fruitful, the salesperson must take the lead
Giving a presentation is not the same as selling, but you must do it well because it is a key step in the sales process
To avoid imbalances, you need to divide your time and energy equally over the various stages of the sales cycle
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