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Nine Lies About Work

Discover the false beliefs entrenched in the world of work

Corporate culture gives a company its uniqueness. Growth is possible only with a constant cycle of feedback. Those who want to be excellent leaders must learn the skills that will turn them into “well-rounded” leaders. These are just some of the ideas that reign in the world of work. However, these “truths” are often based on false myths, bias and incorrect notions. In Nine Lies About Work, Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall tear apart nine of the most widespread lies of the work world and offer a new interpretation that is closer to reality.

Nine Lies About Work
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Many useful tips to:

  • Reflect upon some of the “truths” that are pervading the work world nowadays.
  • Admit that these “truths” are oftentimes nothing more than the result of misleading opinions, misunderstandings and myths.
  • Assess the actual status of each of these “lies”.

The author of the book:

Marcus Buckingham is a British writer, motivational speaker and business consultant. In 2006 he founded The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC), which carries out and promotes educational programs and tools. Some of his works became best sellers, including First, Break All the Rules (1999), StandOut (2011) and StandOut 2.0 (2015).

Ashley Goodall is a leadership and management expert, who over the years of his professional career has internally analyzed company structures. He is Senior Vice President of Leadership and Team Intelligence (LTI) at Cisco. As well as Nine Lies About Work, Goodall has also had works published by the Harvard Business Review.


Many of the “truths” about work are in reality lies

In the world of employment and business there are unspoken rules that we all respect. There are foundations that no one questions, because of course… that’s just how things are. However, what ends up happening, is that instead of helping, these “truths” create problems.

The world of employment is full of production systems, formulas, tools, mantras and beliefs. However, instead of helping, they act as a countering force which quashes individuality and inhibits that capacity for self-expression which makes us unique.

These systems and beliefs have become ingrained in our world, to the extent that they are regarded as fundamental elements of any recruiting process, assessment, training, payment, etc.

However, a closer look reveals that many times these are based on misleading opinions, myths and misunderstandings. To make it simpler, the authors call them “lies”.


The key ideas of "Nine Lies About Work"

Many of the “truths” about work are in reality lies
Lie #1: People care which company they work for
Lie #2: The best plan wins
Lie #3: The best companies cascade goals
Lie #4: The best people are well-rounded
Lie #5: People need feedback
Lie #6: People can reliably rate other people
Lie #7: People have potential
Lie #8: Work-life balance matters most
Lie #9: Leadership is a thing
Take-home message

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