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Larry Kendall

Ninja Selling



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Ninja Selling is a sales approach created by Larry Kendall to help real estate professionals become sales ‘ninjas’. Kendall teaches us how to shift the focus from chasing to attracting clients, and how to solve their problems by asking the right questions and listening to the answers, in order to offer the greatest possible value to buyers and achieve maximum commercial and financial success. However, the Ninja Selling system is not just for real estate salespeople: it is a path to self-mastery, which can be applied in all fields, and by anyone who wants to improve their lives.

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Analysis and key concepts


How Ninja Selling changes our perspective, and turns a salesperson from a self-centred samurai into a customer-oriented ninja


The Ninja Selling system uses a 10-step buying process, in order to assuage customers’ fears


First principle of Ninja Selling: working on self-mastery and striving for excellence


Second principle of Ninja Selling: stop selling and start solving clients’ problems


The third principle of Ninja Selling: the ‘Ninja Nine’ is based on five daily and four weekly habits, which make up the Ninja Business Strategy


The fourth Ninja Selling Principle: positive communication through the four stages of connection, information, resolution, and proposal




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Many useful tips to:

  • Maintain a positive and optimistic mindset, while pursuing our objectives.
  • Develop the mindset, habits, systems, and skills to attract more customers.
  • Implement a flexible and solution-oriented sales process.
  • Provide more value to our customers, increase sales, and sell more easily.

Larry Kendall is a founding partner and chairman emeritus of The Group, Inc, which has been recognised by REALTOR® Magazine as one of the most productive real estate companies in America, based on transactions per salesperson. Kendall created Ninja Selling, a sales training system with over 60,000 qualified “Ninja Sellers” worldwide. He has a master’s degree in business administration, and has been involved in real estate sales for over forty years.

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