No Bad Kids

Janet Lansbury

No Bad Kids



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In her book No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame, JanetLansbury explains that the key ingredients to a healthy upbringing are love and respect, combined with a clear and consistent set of rules. She shows us that to educate our children there is absolutely no need to punish, coerce or distract them, and firmly believes that they need to grow up with a clearly defined set of boundaries. When they try to push back, it is our job as parents to firmly and lovingly reaffirm the boundaries we have set, so that our children can grow up in an environment where they feel safe, loved and respected. Calm, empathy, stability and patience are our best allies to help guide our children as they grow. 

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Analysis and key concepts


A healthy upbringing will never succeed through the methods of shame and punishment, as it requires respect and clear boundaries


Children need rules as much as they need to be given the space to try and break them!


The boundaries that parents set for their children are like the wheels of a train that stop them from going off the rails


Distracting children from their bad behaviour doesn’t help them understand what they are doing wrong and how they should behave in different situations


Every “no” they hear brings children a step closer to their independence


Calm, empathy and patience are the best tools at your disposal to educate your child in a healthy way


Children should be educated through love and respect, not guilt and shame


Setting limits is important for the safety and wellbeing of the child. We must also encourage them to express the negative emotions they feel within certain limits


A passive education allows a child a level of freedom that they are unable to manage




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Help you educate your children in a positive manner.
  • Appreciate the importance of setting boundaries for children.
  • Understand why children often struggle to follow rules.
  • Discover the common mistakes parents make when educating their children, and how to avoid them.
  • Learn to educate your children through respect.

Janet Lansbury began her career as an actress, and later retired from the entertainment industry to become a parenting educator, specialising in teaching parenting skills to parents of infants and toddlers. She is currently a mother of 3, and during her career she has helped hundreds of couples to bring up their children. She has served on the Board of Directors of Resources for Infant Educators since 1995, and teaches RIE Parent/Infant Guidance Classes. In 2009, she began a parent education blog, and has written two books: Elevating Child Care. A Guide to Respectful Parenting and No Bad Kids. Toddler Discipline Without Shame.

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