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No Limits

Break down those blockages and achieve your goals

Are we sure that we are giving our best in life? Can we go beyond our perceived limits? John Maxwell explains how it is possible to overcome the obstacles which are keeping us from showing our infinite potential. By increasing awareness, developing our skills and making the right choices, we will finally be able to open ourselves up to the numerous opportunities that life has to offer us.
In doing so, we will finally stop wondering how long it is going to take to achieve our goal and instead, start to ask ourselves: how far can I aim?
As we continue to learn, we will come to a point where perhaps, with the right wisdom, we can connect the dots and understand the meaning of our existence.

No Limits
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Know our obstacles to be able to enhance our ability

Awareness is a very powerful tool, which we can use to enhance our ability, so it is very useful to be able to channel it into our strengths. Awareness is needed to understand how much we sabotage ourselves with excuses, fantasies, negative emotions, distractions and fear: it takes discipline and courage to really look inside ourselves, to look at our past and recognise what has held us back, and what continues to do so. Once we understand that so many of our obstacles, being a product of pure imagination, can be removed, we need to find our direction, to focus on what we can and should do. Change starts with awareness and continues as we begin to empower the immense ability that we already have, and make it infinite.


The key ideas of "No Limits"

Know our obstacles to be able to enhance our ability
Increase our energy to expand our capacity
Cultivate emotional strength and always imagine yourself as a beginner
Thinking effectively to move in the right direction
Develop excellent interpersonal skills and create value for others
Always be on the lookout for new options: creativity is a mindset
Accept that life is an uphill struggle, and increase your personal productivity
Leading, motivating, asking questions and practicing active listening: this is leadership
Live according to your values in order to be able to act more effectively
Having an abundance-oriented mindset to access our unlimited resources
Train the muscle of discipline
Cultivate a positive attitude and learn resilience
Knowing how to take risks in order to achieve the unexpected
Take-home message
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