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Nomad Capitalist
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Nomad Capitalist

How to diversify your business to live the life of a Nomad Capitalist

In his book “Nomad Capitalist”, Andrew Henderson provides guidance for aspiring digital nomads on how to achieve a fulfilling personal and professional life. Where to set up residency, which bank accounts to open and how to diversify your investments are just some of the lessons learned that he shares in this comprehensive book. The fruit of years of experience as a traveller and consultant, this book is a complete guide to adopting a lifestyle that previously, you might have only dared to dream of. 

Nomad Capitalist
Read in 16 min.
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Go where you’re treated best: how to step out of your comfort zone to take advantage of globalisation

Human beings have always been nomadic and nowadays it is even easier to choose to travel constantly, to change residence often and to reach the other side of the planet in less than a day. No one is forced to live in the same place all their life; as obvious as it may seem, this is the simple truth. So why do we often insist on staying in a country which cannot provide the conditions we would like for ourselves and loved ones? What should we do? Andrew Henderson has a simple solution: go where you are treated best.

Most people remain faithful to the city or town they are born in, as well as to their country of origin, because they consider where they are as having the best that life can offer (just think of how loyal Italians are to their food, as though people in other countries have no idea how to cook!). While a small town or a particular state might seem like the perfect place for your lifestyle, it often isn't. The place where we settle should be a matter of choice. Moving to look for the best opportunities is basically human nature. What prevents you from fully embracing a nomadic lifestyle are psychological factors rather than geographical boundaries. People are driven by emotions and those same emotions are the ones which tie us to a particular place, but it can be changed if that's what you're looking for. Light-heartedly, without thinking of it as looking to escape, you can focus on what you want from your life and try to find out what the world has in store.

Therefore, there are many reasons to give in to the nomadic lifestyle and many of them arise from the following questions: why continue to live in a place where it rains more often than the sun shines? Why pay 45% of your earnings in taxes when other countries adopt a 1% tax regime? Why not enjoy the benefits of globalisation?

The world has many surprising opportunities to offer us, if we are brave enough to look beyond our own backyard. Georgia, for example, is one of the safest countries in the world, and Singapore's banks are the most secure for capital deposits. Still, why don't people opt for these solutions?


The key ideas of "Nomad Capitalist"

Go where you’re treated best: how to step out of your comfort zone to take advantage of globalisation
Diversification as a strategy for adopting the lifestyle of a capitalist nomad
The search for our personal freedom and the opportunities that the world has to offer
Multiple citizenship and a portfolio of passports: the best tools for a contemporary nomad
Using offshore accounts is the first step to keeping your finances secure and giving yourself maximum freedom
Choosing the best tax regime: a balance between your country of origin and country of choice
Growth and asset management, from property to cryptocurrencies
Being a capitalist nomad means becoming a citizen of the world
Take-home message
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